Christendom will graduate its largest class ever at its 40th commencement ceremonies on May 11, sending forth 125 graduates to “restore all things in Christ.” Some will go into marketing, others into teaching, others into missionary work, while others will attend graduate school. Jaqueline Durant and Krista Kosar are two of the many students entering graduate school, with Durant going to the University of Notre Dame and Kosar attending Dominican University.

Durant has been accepted into Notre Dame’s historical theology program and found the assistance of the faculty graduate school committee to be invaluable in her pursuit of admission into the program.

“Besides writing letters of recommendation, these faculty members went above and beyond to ensure that I crafted a competitive writing sample and statement of intent,” says Durant, who also won the college’s William Marshner Award for Best Theology Thesis. “With their formative influence and continual support, I was well positioned to submit a successful application to my top choice among graduate schools.”

Historical theology will be a daunting field of study, demanding a strong grasp of primary texts. Thankfully for Durant, her education at Christendom was the perfect foundation for what she ultimately wants to do.

“My education at Christendom provided me with an excellent background in theology, philosophy, history, and classics, and has given me experience with primary texts that will be invaluable in my field of study,” says Durant. “Because of Christendom’s small size, I have also been able to discover the benefits of scholarly mentorship and how important it will be in my continuing formation. Finally, my professors have inspired me to always remember the person-oriented, practical application of higher education, which I believe will help me to retain a balanced and holistic attitude in my own career. Their example has taught me what it means to serve the Church through academia.”

Kosar will be working toward her master’s degree in library and information science, with a special focus on archiving and historical preservation. Her desire to study library science began at the age of 15 and grew during her time at Christendom.

“Since I started work at age 15, I have wanted to pursue a career in library science,” says Kosar. “I knew that Christendom College would best prepare me for higher education especially through its literature and history courses. The liberal arts education I received at Christendom has been necessary not only in my education but also in strengthening my identity as a Catholic entering the secular world.”

Like Durant, Kosar also received much help from Christendom’s career office and faculty in her pursuit of graduate school. They assisted her every step of the way, whether it was in writing scholarship essays or in reviewing applications. The college’s smaller size meant that Kosar was able to receive an unparalleled amount of personalized attention, setting her up for greater success as a result.

“With the help of director of career development Mrs. Stephens, who was always available to review my application and scholarship essays, and the encouragement and support of my professors, I feel confident that I can succeed in the field of library and information science,” says Kosar.

Today’s field of academia needs well-formed minds, ready to seek the true, the good, and the beautiful and bring those elements into broader conversation again. Durant and Kosar are two of the latest Christendom alumni preparing themselves to do just that, following through on the mission of Christendom College in the process.

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