Over the past 40 years, Christendom College has had many great relationships with both local and national Catholic and private high schools. Although the percentage of students coming to Christendom from a homeschooled background has been the majority since around 2005, in recent years, the percentage of students coming to Christendom from private or Catholic schools has risen by 12%.

Over the years, some of the most popular schools from which Christendom students come are The Heights School, Oakcrest School, Seton School, St. Gregory’s the Great Academy, Trivium, Holy Family Academy, Chelsea Academy, St. Augustine Academy, St. Michael’s Abbey, St. John Paul the Great, and others. Recently, a new school has joined the ranks of these schools by promoting the value of a Christendom liberal arts education and encouraging its graduates to pursue academic excellence. Sedes Sapientiae School (sedessapientiaeschool.org) located 25 miles west of New York City, sent two of the school’s graduating seniors to Christendom in the fall of 2017 – Evan Aiello and Isabella Vicenzino.

This fall, three new graduates of this well-respected, liberal arts high school will be joining their former school mates as Christendom Crusaders.  Dylan Aiello, Lucia Vicenzino, and John Donahoe all experienced the transformative nature of the Christendom educational experience when they took part in the Experience Christendom Summer Program during the summer of 2018. It was during that one-week program that they came to see the beauty of a fully integrated Catholic education, and became passionate about pursuing this type of education during their college years.

“I see Christendom as a spirited and supportive community of scholars,” says Dylan Aiello.  “It will be great to be with six of my high school classmates as we join a larger community of dedicated students and teachers.

Sedes Sapientiae School’s curriculum is a perfect background for any Christendom student. With an emphasis on the liberal arts, and the pursuit of truth, students from this high school are very well prepared for any college experience, but particularly one focused on the true, the good, and the beautiful, like the one found at Christendom.

“The tutors at Sedes helped train me to read the text closely, articulate concepts clearly, and to properly evaluate the soundness of the author’s arguments.  This will be great preparation for the classes at Christendom,” says Lucia Vicenzino.

And of course, although the primary goal of a college education is the pursuit of wisdom through the academic curriculum in order to become fully formed, it is important that a college offers plentiful extra-curricular opportunities for its students.

“I’ve loved the small classes of Sedes and studying history,” comments John Donahoe. “Christendom will be a great place to continue that experience and to play sports. I love Dr. Carroll’s quotation that, ‘historians are the guardians of memory.’”

Sedes is located in Central NJ about 45 minutes from Manhattan and boasts a student to faculty ratio of 5 to 1.  The curriculum focuses on the Great Books and classes are held in the seminar style. It has a dedicated team of tutors and boasts an active choir, a theater program, and regular cultural trips to Manhattan.  According to Head of School Aileen Coccia, the school has “always had the highest regard for Christendom and the fine young women and men that graduate from there,” noting that they are pleased that such a high percentage of their graduates have found a true home at Christendom and its wonderfully supportive Catholic community.

The Christendom College incoming class of 2023 is going to be the largest in the college’s history, and the faculty, staff, and upperclassmen are eagerly awaiting their arrival in August. With these three graduates of Sedes Sapientiae joining the Crusader family, the year is looking to get off to a great start.

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