Every transfer student has a story. From why they switched colleges to how they are succeeding after the transfer, each student’s path is unique. And yet, as is the case with recent Christendom transfers Grace Stanton and Abigail Thomas, there are common themes as well. Both are now thriving in Front Royal, Virginia, finding exactly what they were looking for all along in Christendom’s challenging curriculum, deep Catholicism, and strong community.

Stanton initially began her college career at The Catholic University of America. While she enjoyed her time there, she decided that Christendom would be a better fit for her.

“I decided to transfer to Christendom because, even though I enjoyed my time at the other school, I felt it was too expensive, with the education not being worth the money,” says Stanton. “Also, I was open to attending a college with a more authentically Catholic identity. Even though I decided to transfer to Christendom in the middle of the summer, which is considerably late, admissions director Sam Phillips and the admissions staff were extraordinarily helpful and generous, answering all my questions and guiding me through the transfer process.”

Stanton (left) and Thomas (right).

Stanton just finished her first year at Christendom and loved the experience. From the academics to the long conversations that happen outside of classes, she now feels right at home.

“Despite being a new transfer student, I felt so welcomed at Christendom, and I adjusted to living in my new college environment quite quickly and happily,” concludes Stanton, who also became a Student Ambassador during her first year. “My classes have been fantastic, giving me opportunities to think critically and challenge my opinions, so that, in doing so, those opinions come closer to and unveil the truth. I have also enjoyed the conversations I have had with fellow students and friends, from lively dinner debates to casual chats at the Sacred Grounds on-campus coffee shop.”

Her experience as a transfer student mirrors that of Thomas. Her path to Christendom was a little more tumultuous, however.  At The College of the Holy Cross, her previous school, Thomas felt ostracized by her community, which de-emphasized Catholic identity in favor of progressive ideas. She longed to study in an environment that challenged her to be better, rather than constantly putting her down. She found that at Christendom.

“I decided to transfer because I wanted to go to a school that would teach orthodox Catholicism and help me to learn about and defend my faith,” says Thomas. “The process, while a little stressful because of the uncertainty of my future, was made very simple by Mr. Phillips and vice president for enrollment Tom McFadden. They were so generous with their time and constantly made themselves available to me to help me figure out the finances and get the application process underway very quickly.”

A year later, Thomas could not be happier with her decision to transfer. She works in the college’s career development office now, assisting and organizing the Life on Tap alumni networking series, amongst other tasks. She also got involved with the Christendom Players, the college’s student-run theater group, both on stage and behind the scenes. It is safe to say that she packed her academic and social schedule and came out of her first year at Christendom all the better for it.

“Studying at Christendom has been life-changing in the best of ways. I’ve learned so much more about my faith in one year of studying here than I had previously in high school and my previous college. There is such a simple faith and joy on this campus that is absolutely beautiful to witness,” says Thomas.

Transferring can be a daunting decision, but it can ultimately be one of the best in a young person’s life if they feel their current college is not meeting their needs and expectations. For Stanton, Thomas, and many others, the experience of transferring to Christendom was smooth, thanks to the efforts of the college’s admissions staff. Further, the experience post-transfer went beyond expectations, as the classroom and life outside of it positively challenged these students in ways they had not expected.

The journey of how they ended up at Christendom might be different, but the end result remains the same the same: a happier, more fulfilling collegiate experience.

For more information on how to transfer to Christendom, click here.

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