More people are visiting Christendom than ever before. That is the news from the college’s admissions office, which is reporting a 54% increase in visits from prospective students over last year — a huge jump, and a testament to the ever-growing desire for Christendom’s authentic, Catholic liberal arts education in today’s increasingly chaotic world.

“People want to visit our campus and see what we have to offer that is so unique,” says admissions director Sam Phillips. “Christendom’s education and campus culture is so dramatically different from the typical university and our traditional philosophy of education—the traditional which was once commonly held is now the radical—is sadly foreign to how many people are told to approach the college decision. Given this, it’s not surprising that if a student does not visit it is highly unlikely they will ever attend and take advantage of this transformative education. But, if you do visit,and you experience engaging courses, dedicated and dynamic professors, joyful students on fire for the Faith, a reverent liturgy, and a robust Catholic culture, you witness the beauty of this vital alternative Christendom offers.. So many more people are visiting than ever before, witnessing something distinctive and contrary to the typical 21st century collegiate experience, leading to more people being interested in our education than ever before.”

The college’s admissions office took great efforts over the past year to increase the number of available visits, from adding more Open House opportunities to making even more days available to prospective students for one-on-one visits with the admissions team. The 54% increase in students visiting means more people than ever are sitting in on classes, eating lunch with current students, and getting a true feel for why Christendom might be the college for them.

These efforts are already translating to positive results. The admissions office is reporting a higher number of deposits over last year, thanks in part to more people stepping onto campus and experiencing college life.

“You have to visit campus to really understand what makes our offerings so different,” says Phillips. “Whether it’s the Experience Christendom Summer Program, an Open House, or an overnight visit, these opportunities are the best way for a student to discover if Christendom is right for them.”

The college plans on offering even more visit opportunities this summer and fall. The 2019 Experience Christendom Summer Program is already completely full for its first three sessions, but spots still remain for the final two one-week sessions in July. This fall, the college will offer three Open Houses as well, including a visit day exclusively for homeschool families.

To find out more about Christendom’s visit opportunities, click here.

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