The summer months in between academic years can be some of the most crucial for college students. From internships to jobs to networking, these months can help put students on a fast-track to success right after college. Sophomore Daniel Duca is taking advantage of this time to try his hand at business development, helping an IT company find and meet potential clients.

Duca, the third member of his family to attend Christendom, just finished his freshman year atChristendom. The communication skills he learned in the classroom are serving him well in his new position as a business development specialist at Manus Dei, Inc.

“I am using the skills I’ve learned at Christendom every day on the job,” says Duca. “The most prominent is having an understanding of human nature and what people want. After studying under Dr. Cuddeback for a semester, I have much more insight on human desires and why people do things, and since most of my job is communication, I am constantly using what I learned in the class to help find what people want and how I can help them get there.”

Manus Dei is a Catholic IT company that works as a parish, school, or business’ own IT department. In his role, Duca is focused on finding and meeting with potential clients to see if the company can help them with their IT needs. In order to find these people, it takes a lot of preparation on Duca’s part, usually involving Excel spreadsheets, color coding, and follow-up emails.

“The skills in the forefront for me are patience, persistence, confidence, organization, and communication,” says Duca.

Business development is a demanding field, but within an IT company even more so. IT is one of the largest fields in the world at the moment and only growing bigger each day. Companies need IT support on a 24/7 basis, and Duca is helping companies find the help they desperately need.

At Manus Dei, Duca is not the only member of the Christendom community at the company. Recent graduate John Echaniz (’19) works as an executive assistant at the company. The skills these two men learned in the Christendom environment are serving them well, helping them find good jobs at growing companies.

From business development, to working with clients, to learning more about the ever-growing IT world, Duca is learning much this summer. No matter what he goes into after college, the new skills he is learning in his role — along with the skills he is refining from Christendom — will help him in the long run in living out his vocation to the fullest.

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