While the month of June, also known as the month of the Sacred Heart, may be over, Our Sunday Visitorrecommends its readers should still delve deeper into the mystery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Whose solemnity was celebrated on June 28. In the article, author Kathryn Jean Lopez recommends college president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell’s reprinted and reissued Heart of the Redeemer, a book that she calls “nourishment to the soul.”

Originally released in 1989 by Ignatius Press, the reissued version of the book goes even deeper into devotion to the Sacred Heart and its development over the centuries. Years of research on O’Donnell’s part led to this synthesis of how devotion to the Heart of Jesus has developed, resulting in a moving overview of how the love for Jesus Christ has grown in the hearts of the faithful from Calvary to the present day.

Lopez, who is the editor-at-large of National Review, sees this book as the perfect addition to any summer reading list.

“O’Donnell’s book is a song of the Christian heart,” says Lopez. “It’s a nourishment to the soul, and it’s a treasure trove of all things Sacred Heart. He examines the devotion and how it makes theological sense. But above all, he shows the love of the Trinity, which the magisterium has been consistently calling us to be drawn into.”

In a time where it can be easy to fall into despair, Lopez sees an increased devotion to the Sacred Heart as the perfect antidote. Reading O’Donnell’s work is a means of doing that, and enabling one to better serve others, whether it’s through volunteering or “changing out life-plans to accompanying people in more radical ways of love, as well as changing how we pray and how we communicate.”

“Yes, pick up Timothy O’Donnell’s ‘Heart of the Redeemer.’ It’s one you want to delve into, dip in and out of, and keep on your bookshelf, accessible for reading and sharing. It will help with your journey into the heart of the Redeemer. And you will see — and be — more love in the world if you pray more with his heart,” says Lopez.

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Purchase Heart of the Redeemer here.

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