Are the alumni happy with their education? Do they recommend the college to their family and friends? Would they do it all over again if they could? Are they satisfied with the education they received?  Was it financially worth it? Do they financially support the college?

These are questions that many prospective students and donors are interested in knowing about before they get too involved in a college on their short list.  Afterall, the alumni are the products of the educational institution, and if they are not supportive of the mission and goals of their alma mater, then maybe that’s a sign that it is not a good school in which to invest.

According to a recent survey given to the class of 2019, Christendom College is certainly worth the investment, both for prospective students and potential benefactors.

  • 86% said they would highly recommend the college to others
  • 88% said they would do it all over again
  • 94% said they were satisfied with their education
  • 96% said it was worth the financial investment

And in the area of alumni giving, this year saw an increase in the quantity of donations given by the alumni. For the 2018-19 fiscal year, the alumni donated a total of over $400,000 to the college, bringing its current U.S. News & World Report alumni giving rate to 40%, up from 39% last year at the same time.  The top 10 US News alumni giving rates for colleges range from about 45% to 59%, which means that Christendom’s 40% giving rate is nearing the upper echelons of the top schools in the US. The average alumni giving rate for all colleges is just 11%.

As the educational marketplace becomes more competitive, it is wise for future students and benefactors to reflect on the satisfaction level of the students and alumni at any given college. Interestingly, according to a survey given to the entire student population at Christendom College over the summer, and based on a 70% response rate

  • 97% of the students express that they are satisfied with their education
  • 95% said they would choose Christendom as their college of choice if given the chance to do so again
  • 98% would recommend Christendom to others
  • 89% plan to give back post-graduation.

With statistics like this, and a loyal base of both students and alumni, Christendom College is on the path to a very secure future.

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