Dr. Andrew Montanaro

With graduation ceremonies behind them, the faculty and staff at Christendom’s graduate school are preparing for the fall semester, where they will offer many opportunities for new and returning students to delve deeper into the truths of the faith and the great patrimony of the Catholic Church.

Students who choose to earn their Master of Arts in Theological Studies can choose to concentrate their studies in a variety of areas, including Sacred Scripture, Moral Theology, Systematic Theology, Evangelization and Catechesis, Spirituality, and the Consecrated Life.  For busy professionals who are interested in getting credentialed, the many certificate programs are the ideal choice. And for those who are interested in just taking a class or two on a more casual basis, there is so much from which they can choose.

Students can opt to take classes online, or in person, which makes the program one of the most flexible available today. Some of the online course are live-streamed, while others are pre-recorded and available to view anytime.

The dean of the graduate school, Dr. R.J. Matava, will offer a class on patristics this fall at the Alexandria, Virginia, campus on Monday evenings, which will also be live-streamed.  In this course, Matava, who earned his doctorate from the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland,  will lead the class in a study of the Eastern and Western Fathers of the Church, with an emphasis on their contributions to Church doctrine, morals, and the spiritual life, including their historical context and the significance of their lives and writings for the contemporary Church.

Dr. Kevin Jones, who holds a PhD in Systematic Theology from Catholic University of America, will be teaching an apologetics class in which he will discuss the reasonable explanation and defense of the Catholic Faith utilizing Scripture, theology, Church history, and philosophy. He will focus the course on many controversial points of Catholic doctrine and their rationale, particularly those teachings which are most often misunderstood by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. This class will be held on Monday evenings on the college’s campus in Alexandria.

Dr. Andrew Montanaro, who is entering his second year of teaching at the graduate school will be teaching three different classes this fall: Biblical Hebrew, The Johannine Corpus, and Old Testament. For those interested in delving deep into Scripture, the first two classes will be held on Tuesdays, while the class on the Old Testament will be on Wednesday evenings. All of them will be held at the Alexandria campus, and live-streamed.

Dr. Joseph Arias

The graduate school’s esteemed dean of students, Dr. Joseph Arias, will teach two courses this fall, as well. On Wednesday evenings. Arias will teach on Theological Anthropology, where he will  examine the biblical roots and theological tradition of the study of the human person, the origins of mankind and the nature of the human person as a free and acting subject, Jesus Christ as the archetype and perfection of humanity, the concept of man and woman as image of God, the unity in sexual difference, and the nuptial meaning of the body.

On Thursdays, Arias will teach one of the core classes on the Holy Spirit and Ecclesiology. In this class, he will present a study of the Person of the Holy Spirit, both within the Trinity and within the mystery of the Church, as expressed in Scripture and Tradition.

Longtime instructor Sal Ciresi will teach a course on the Synoptic Gospels on Thursday evenings as well. In this course, he will discuss the meaning and content of the gospel genre in the New Testament. It highlights the relationship between the Synoptic Gospels and the Johannine Gospel, and provides an in-depth study of Ss. Matthew, Mark, and Luke, as well as the Acts of the Apostles.

A variety of online-only courses will be offered this fall, as well, giving students ample opportunities to delve deeper in to the truths of the Catholic faith on topics such as Church History, the Catechetical Tradition, Philosophical Errors, Old and New Testament, Catholic Social Teaching, and much more.

To learn more, go here: https://graduate.christendom.edu/academics/course-offerings/



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