Kylie Feiring

Christendom’s St. John the Evangelist library is a very impressive building – one of the most beautiful in Virginia. It has many inspiring features, including a beautiful stained-glass window, inspiring paintings and sculptures, hardwood paneling throughout, a balcony overseeing the historic Shenandoah River, and a Board Room complete with autographed books written by such notables as Margaret Thatcher, Charles de Gaulle, Henry Kissinger, and many others.

But located on the east side of the building, on the second floor, is the Rare Books Room, which gives visitors and students alike a feeling of awe and wonder when they enter. A wide variety of rare books, a suit of armor, a 18th century music book, the whole series of Chesterton’s GK’s Weekly, all await the room’s visitors.

This summer, alumna Kylie Feiring ’18 did a great service to the college by creating a guide to the Rare Books Room, highlighting how many of the treasures found within the room fit in with the college’s liberal arts curriculum   As part of her academic studies with the Division of Library & Information Science at St. John University, Feiring cataloged and organized the contents of the Rare Books Room, thus allowing future students and visitors the opportunity to learn more about all that they see in the room.

“I have increased the visibility and searchability of the special collections, thereby supporting the faculty’s research endeavors,” says Feiring about her summer internship. “I have set the groundwork for the continued improvement of the Rare Books Room, setting the stage for regular staff members to pick up where I have left off.”

The college is grateful to Feiring for her efforts in this area and looks forward to having future visitors be better educated about all of the many treasures contained in those four walls. The online Guide may be accessed here.

Check out pictures of the Rare Books Room below:

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