As part of Christendom’s vision to “Restore all things in Christ,” the college strives to prepare students to be leaders in their fields. Of course, the study of the liberal arts and community life at Christendom are essential to this preparation, but the career services offered at Christendom give students the practical tools and resources to enter whichever field they choose. The personalized career counseling offered by Director of Career Development Kristin Stephens and the Education for Life courses taken all 4 years at Christendom, give students practical guidance to discern their career path, land a job, and become self-sufficient, financially informed young adults.

With this in mind, the career services offered at Christendom have been boosted this academic year. Stephens has hired additional student assistants to expand the influence of the career services program. The Employee Relations Assistant will be exclusively focused on growing connections with employers in the area, helping find internship and employment opportunities, and building up the reputation of Christendom students and grads. The Communications Assistant will be responsible for creating engaging and informative content for newsletters, prospective students, and the website. The Events Assistant will help to plan and execute the Life on Tap and Outside the Box Series.

The well-attended Life on Tap series invites Christendom alumni to speak about how they launched their career in their respective fields, and how their liberal arts degree relates to their work. The series this semester will feature discussion about nursing, pursuing graduate studies, working in marketing and social media, and how to become an FBI agent. The Outside the Box series invites non-Christendom graduates to campus to discuss their respective careers. In October, there will be an exciting discussion with Emmy Award Winning screenwriter, producer, voice actor, and puppeteer, Paul Rugg, who will also bring along other friends from Hollywood.

The Life on Tap Series allows students to hear from alumni who have succeeded in a wide range of fields.

Stephens will also offer two new resources for seniors this year: Adulting Classes and Dining Etiquette Lunches. Through these two series of workshops, the seniors can learn some very important aspects to transitioning from college to the work world, by learning about finances and budgeting, vehicle buying and maintenance, finding suitable housing, and proper use of table manners at meals.

In addition, beginning with the Freshmen class, the Education for Life courses will now utilize a platform called Focus2Career, which allows students to take assessments of their values, interests, skills, and personality, which will help them explore career fields to which they are well-suited. It is a goal of the career services program to help students discern their career goals early in their college career so that upon graduation they can find employment that is fulfilling and suited to their abilities.

Though some may doubt the practicality of studying the liberal arts, it is proven through the continual success of our alumni that a Christendom education equips graduates to excel in the working world. The career services offered at Christendom continue to play an integral role in helping our graduates to achieve their goals. According to recent studies, only 40% of college students feel well-prepared for their future careers, while less than 40% feel confident in their ability to write a resume or interview well. At Christendom, though, when surveyed, close to 70% feel well-prepared to enter their chosen field, while 89% are confident in their resume and interviewing abilities.

Through the dedicated career offerings on campus, and committed and knowledgeable staff working on behalf of the students, Christendom students are able to get well-paying entry level jobs – ones that require a college education – upon graduation, and thus assist them in their roles as leaders in the New Evangelization and the restoration of the temporal order.

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