Christendom College alumni are successful in a myriad of fields – law enforcement, business, healthcare, law, education, finance, marketing, and everything in between – and this fall, a number of these successful alumni will return to campus to discuss their insights into the best methods to translate a Christendom liberal arts degree into their diverse fields of work. Hosted by the college’s Career Development Office, alumni in the fields of nursing, marketing, law enforcement, and graduate school will speak with students at the Life on Tap alumni networking series this fall.

“I think it is important for students to see that students can study philosophy at Christendom and go on to work for the FBI or become a financial planner,” says Director of Career Development Kristin Stephens. “These networking events definitely give students the insights and confidence they need to achieve success.”

Oftentimes speakers can help students identify career paths they had not previously considered or explain the processes of entering a desired career. Students will often stay connected with the alumni they meet at Life on Tap and some will even find jobs through this network.

Catherine McFadden ‘16, for example, who was majoring in philosophy, was unsure of her post-graduation plans. After attending a Life on Tap on the field of nursing, and talking more with alumna Tess Sciscilo ‘05 about her work as a nurse, McFadden was inspired to apply for an accelerated nursing program, and is now a full-time registered nurse working at a hospital.

Life on Tap will kick off this Wednesday, September 17, with alumni speakers Joseph Norton ’10, a Cardiac Cath lab nurse at Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, Virginia, and Angelica Cintorino ’14, an RN working on the Adult Acute Care, General Medical Unit at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This first Life on Tap lecture has already generated excitement among students.

“I am very excited to attend the nursing Life on Tap. I have wanted to be a nurse for years so to have Christendom alumni come back and share their stories I think is really incredible,” says junior Jenna Williams.

Life on Tap lectures not only serve as a way for students to learn more about different career paths, but also to network with alumni in their fields of interest

Later this month, Tim Cook ‘17, Christendom’s men’s Residence Director, and a recent graduate of Christendom’s graduate school of Theology, will speak together with Jane ’18 and Luke Maschue ‘18 about what graduate coursework is like and how their post-grad education is advancing their career goals.

In October, alumni Zach Smith ‘14 and Chole Hermann ‘18 will discuss all things marketing and social media. Smith is the social media and website manager for the Chris Long Foundation while Hermann is director of content marketing and social media for Enable Design.

Greg Settduacti ’03 and John Curran ’91 will finish the fall semester Life on Tap series talking about their work at the FBI Washington Field Office. Settduacati is Special Agent working on a Transnational Organized Crime squad while John Curran is a Supervisory Special Agent who has worked with the FBI for 24 years.

In addition to Life on Tap, there will also be an Outside the Box lecture this semester about acting, film, and animation. This presentation is being given by Emmy award winning actor Paul Rugg.

Christendom’s rigorous liberal arts education gives students the opportunity to learn the most important skills in life: critical thinking, communications, innovation, and seeing the big picture. Through the education they receive, as well as through the many career-related courses and opportunities, Christendom students are well-prepared to enter the workforce and pursue the career field of their choice.


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