Christendom seeks not merely to foster academic excellence, but excellence of the whole person. In keeping with this mission, the Student Life Office frequently invites alumni, faculty, and staff members to talk to the students on matters relating to personal and spiritual development. The monthly women’s talk, At the Well, and monthly men’s talk, Into the Deep, give students the chance to discuss topics such as vocational discernment, romantic relationships, growing in the spiritual life, and how to live well in the modern world, all within the context of a supportive single-gender environment.

At the Well is an excellent opportunity for female students to find mentors and to come together in support of each other.

“Women are naturally ordered toward relationships,” says vice president for student affairs Amanda Graf, who oversees these events.  “Therefore, being able to create, sustain, and build up those relationships is foundational for growing in virtue and learning how to be women of God.”

According to Graf, this is why events such as At the Well are so important. Last week at At the Well, Theology Professor Mary Stanford gave a talk entitled “A Modest Proposal,” which focused on the virtue of modesty.

“I thought she was very well rounded,” say Senior Sarah Papp. “She did a really good job explaining how we have a duty to respect ourselves, and in charity, respect the men around us.”

Into the Deep is the same format as At the Well, but for the men. The program gives men a chance to come together and discuss topics that are relevant to them as Catholic young men.

Tom Heim, Christendom’s director of operations, gave a talk last week entitled “Integrity in a World of Mediocrity.”

“He gave great guidance to the guys about how the world is lacking integrity,” says dean of students Tim Judge. “He explained the costs that are going to be demanded of men who want to be ethical and hold onto their integrity.”

Heim advised students to have integrity in small matters, and this would help them to be trustworthy when it counts the most.

At the Well and Into the Deep occur monthly so that students may have many opportunities to attend throughout the semester.  Since most speakers are chosen from within the Christendom community, conversations begun at these talks can continue even after their conclusion.

Written with contributions from Katarina Federici (’20) 

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