On October 14, the college welcomed 76 visitors to campus for its annual Columbus Day Open House. Students can visit the campus in a variety of capacities throughout the year, but by attending an open house, parents are able to accompany them and also learn more about the unique qualities of a Christendom education.

The day began with an address by vice president for enrollment Tom McFadden covering the history of Christendom College and the diverse and successful careers of the college’s alumni. After his address, students attended a class of their choosing, while parents heard from admissions director Sam Phillips about financial aid and then again from McFadden about the importance of choosing a Catholic college.

Students and parents attended 11:30 Mass, which was followed by a catered luncheon with student ambassadors, staff, and faculty members. The luncheon was a great opportunity for parents and prospective students to ask questions and get to know Christendom on a personal level.

Lunch was followed by a campus tour, led by the admissions counselors Clare Tapsak and Cecelia Gronemeyer. During the tour, visitors were not just able to see campus, but learn more about Christendom’s academics, athletics, and community life.

The day concluded with two more talks. Dr. Kevin Tracy, academic dean and associate professor of classics, discussed the value of Christendom’s core curriculum and the study of the liberal arts. Afterwards, Phillips spoke about study abroad opportunities, and led a question and answer discussion.

“I think that the parents and students leave our campus invigorated about the college, and keenly aware of the important role a Catholic liberal arts education has in the New Evangelization and the restoration of the culture that is so needed today,” says McFadden. “From talking with the visitors throughout the day, and reading the emails of gratitude following, I know that Christendom College’s mission is possibly more relevant today than it was 42 years ago when it was founded by Dr. Warren Carroll. Carroll intended to found a college that would form students to enter the culture and workforce upon graduation, well-trained and educated in how to teach and defend the Truth, and to serve as examples of people living a Catholic and fully integrated way of life. This is how he envisioned our alumni working to restore all things in Christ, and fulfilling our college’s mission in society.”

The next Open House will be held on Veteran’s Day, November 11. Find out more here:

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