Christendom’s Life on Tap series invites alumni in a variety of fields to return to campus and offer professional guidance to students. Hosted by the college’s career development office, alumni have come back to speak about STEM, business, IT, software development, law, education, architecture, finance, medicine, and more. This semester, the students have heard from alumni mentors in the nursing field, from alumni who attend graduate school, and most recently, from alumni in the social media and marketing space: Zach Smith (’14), and Kayla Newcomb (’16).

Zach Smith earned his BA in history from Christendom before moving to Florida to work for Disney. After completing an internship there, he returned to Christendom College to work in the newly created position of public relations specialist. For almost 5 years, Smith managed social media, content creation, website updates, and more for the college. He is now the director of marketing at the Chris Long Foundation and promotes all aspects of the organization.

Kayla Newcomb has been working in marketing, design, and communications since graduating with a degree in English. Currently, she is a social media specialist and graphic designer at the Childress Agency in Fredericksburg, VA.

Both Smith and Newcomb shared how their liberal arts degrees prepared them for the field of marketing.

“The liberal arts connect perfectly with a marketing career,” said Smith. “Philosophy, for example, teaches you to look for the end in things, and that is really important in marketing. With marketing strategies, you have to know your end goal at all times.”

According to Smith, studying the liberal arts instills the critical thinking skills that are necessary to succeed in marketing. Working in marketing requires one to take in a lot of information, analyze it, and then present it in a digestible and appealing manner. According to Smith, his liberal arts background equips him to do just this.

“I have beaten out people with marketing degrees for jobs because of the soft skills I have as a liberal arts student,” Smith stated. The skills Smith developed at Christendom have been invaluable in the marketing field.

Newcomb emphasized how studying at Christendom is an excellent opportunity to build up one’s writing abilities. In addition, she encouraged students to take advantage of the career services that Christendom has to offer.

Smith and Newcomb are just two examples of alumni who have united their interests with their liberal arts background to excel in the field of their choice. In November, Christendom will welcome back alumni to speak about careers in intelligence.

Watch Smith and Newcomb’s talk below.

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