Have you ever been faced with a tough question about your faith and didn’t know how to respond?  It can be discouraging to find yourself searching for words when someone puts you on the spot to defend your spiritual beliefs. Miguel Torres was not discouraged when someone challenged his Catholic faith.  Rather, it drove him to desire a greater understanding of the Church. Now, 8 years and a graduate degree later, he is continuing to share his wealth of knowledge as a religious education teacher.

Torres was raised Catholic, but it wasn’t until he was 38 years old and in the Army that he was faced with the need to defend it.  To his chagrin, he couldn’t.  For all the years he was immersed in the Faith, Torres was surprised to discover he couldn’t counter the objections of a stranger who questioned the Faith. It was an empty feeling to realize he didn’t truly understand his Faith as much as he thought he did.  Torres turned to books and online resources to find the answers.  After much independent research, his mind turned to graduate studies.

A desire for an in-depth understanding of the Faith, especially the Church Fathers, led Torres to discover the Christendom College graduate school website. The broad curriculum was superior to other programs he was already attending, and he read the wonderful alumni reviews.  Christendom was very affordable and offered most classes online, an important factor as Torres lives in Alabama, still serving in the military.

“Christendom Graduate School is for anyone searching for orthodox and traditional teachings of the Catholic Faith.”

Torres is grateful for his two years of study at Christendom’s graduate school.  “The education is deeply rooted in the Catholic Faith and all the professors are filled with a deep trust and conviction in the Church and Her Magisterium,” he said.

Torres had been teaching Confirmation classes to students in grades 9-11 for five years but since he completed his master’s degree in 2019 he’s become a far better teacher.  “I am so much more confident in my studies,” he said. He also teaches RCIA at his local parish and is looking to teach a religion class at the local community college.

A graduate degree from Christendom College equipped Torres to be a strong spokesman for his Faith, enabling him to share it with others in a powerful way.  The Christendom faculty share a passion for knowledge of the Catholic Faith and the graduate school curriculum is rooted in the Magisterium, while being flexible and affordable.  Graduate studies at Christendom are designed to prepare students for further theological study, ministries of the Church, and to restore all things in Christ by working for the renewal of the Catholic mind.

Written by Vivian Zadnik (’20). 

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