Each semester, Christendom’s pro-life club, Shield of Roses, organizes an event known at Mega Shield, in which a large number of students travel to a local abortion clinic to pray for expecting mothers, their babies, and for an end to abortion.

This semester, over 90 Christendom students attended the event. With rosaries in hand, students lined the entire sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic in Fall Church, VA, and prayed to save lives.

During these events, students maintain a peaceful presence. The mission of the Shield of Roses club is not to host political protests, but prayerful vigils. Students rely on the power of prayer and the witness of their presence to change hearts and minds about abortion, and hopefully save the lives of babies.

“Mega Shield made me really proud to be a student here at Christendom,” remarked Shield of Roses President Elizabeth Eller (’21). “It was so inspiring to see so many students wake up early on a Saturday morning and devote several hours to the pro-life mission, it was definitely something that you wouldn’t find happening at most other college campuses in the country.”

Elizabeth Eller leads the rosary

Christendom is unashamed of its pro-life identity. Classes are cancelled for the annual March for Life, and all students attend. Students also help raise money for the local pregnancy center.

Mega Shield is a beautiful testament to the power of prayer and the young face of the pro-life movement. Christendom is proud to help form the next generation of pro-life leaders.

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