The Christendom’s Players’ recent performances of Reginald Rose’s 12 Angry Men had audiences on the edge of their seats. This dramatic and actor-centric play follows twelve jurors as they debate the verdict of a young man accused of murder. Performed in a single scene, this play involves heated dialogue and heavy themes, both of which the actors tackled in their riveting performance.

Although Christendom does not offer a performance art major, many students pursue their interest in the theater by participating in the Christendom Players’ productions. During the fall, the players generally perform a play, more dramatic in nature. In the spring, a musical is usually selected, giving many students a chance to get involved, bringing their acting, singing, and dancing abilities to the club. While the selected spring musical has not yet been announced, the Christendom community looks forward to yet another remarkable performance.

See the rest of the photos from the production of 12 Angry Men here.

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