At the Diocese of Arlington’s annual Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries Appreciation Dinner, Residence Director Tim Cook was awarded the Ex Corde Award for campus ministry and senior Rosemarie Olszewski was selected for the Volunteer of the Year award.

As Residence Director, alumnus Tim Cook (’17) manages the residential needs of the student body, making sure students have suitable housing and the resources to thrive as students. Cook has gone above and beyond the requirements of his position and has invested in the spiritual well-being of students. He was instrumental in starting Christendom’s Stronghold initiative, in which small groups of students come together to discuss their spiritual lives, set common goals, and hold each other accountable in pursuit of closer relationships with Christ. He is known to be a reliable and compassionate mentor, especially for the young men on campus.

Cook and fiancé Alexandra Skuba received a blessing from Bishop Burbidge. Photo courtesy of Jenifer Morris Photography.

Three other Christendom staff members have received this award in the past. Pastoral Assistant, Cindy Martin received the award in 2017, Professor Mike Brown, who organizes Christendom’s mission trips received the award in 2012, and former Student Activities Council advisor Siobhan O’Connor received the award in 2007.

Rosemarie Olszewski (’20) was recognized for her volunteer service at Christendom and beyond. During her time as a student at Christendom, she spent two summers working with Denver based ministry Christ in the City, which ministers to the homeless. Over spring break, Olszewski coordinated a mission trip for Christendom students to work with Christ in the City. She also started a homeless ministry club called Angels in Disguise, which tends to the needs of the homeless in the DC area on Sundays throughout the school year. In addition, Olszewski is an active member of Christendom’s Student Activities Council, which organizes recreational events that bring the student body together.

Photo Courtesy of Jenifer Morris Photography.

Olszewski joins other Christendom students who have previously been named Volunteers of the Year by the Diocese, including Henry Love 2018, Thomas Hepler 2014, John McFadden 2012, Sara Federico 2012, and Chris Roberts 2012.


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