Biologist Dr. Dan Toma will deliver a lecture to the Christendom community on Friday, February 7, titled: “The Deification of Matter: The Material Universe as a Liturgical Structure.” The talk is the first Faith & Reason lecture of 2020, with the talk beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the college’s St. Kilian’s Café.

Christendom’s Faith & Reason lecture series exists to help form an educated Catholic laity, prepared to make an impact on the culture at large. Born of the spirit of Faith & Reason, the academic journal of Christendom College, the series is another opportunity for students to further supplement their on-campus education and fall deeper in love with the true, the good, and the beautiful.

This lecture’s speaker, Dr. Dan Toma, is a professor of biology at Minnesota State University with interests in genetics, philosophy of science, and religion. His most recent publication, Vestige of Eden, Image of Eternity, examines the cosmological worldview of the Catholic Church, updated with modern science, for consideration in modern discussions regarding science, philosophy, and religion.

Toma joins a long list of past Faith & Reason speakers, including Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Ken Grasso, Dr. Robert Louis Wilken, and Dr. Susan Hanssen. To listen or watch past lectures, please visit media.christendom.edu.

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