Christendom College faculty will be speaking on theological topics for the local Front Royal, Virginia community during this season of Lent, beginning March 1 and ending on March 29. Covering everything from instructing beginners in the Faith to the priesthood of the baptized, the talks will occur at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

Lent is a perfect time each year to delve deeper into Sacred Scripture, but finding time to do so within a busy family life can be difficult. Thankfully, these professors are taking time out of their schedules to deliver talks at St. John’s, with a potluck dinner provided and activities for children as well.

Four Christendom professors will be speaking over the course of the lecture series, titled “Sacred Scripture & the Family.” On March 1, David Wallace, an adjunct lecturer for the college’s graduate school, will deliver the first talk of the series, speaking on “Learning the Narrative of Salvation: St. Augustine on Instructing Beginners in the Faith.”

The following weekend, graduate school faculty member Salvatore Ciresi will deliver a talk titled “Holy Scripture’s Freedom from All Error: A Method to Teach Children to Trust and Venerate the Word of God.” On March 15, assistant professor of Sacred Scripture for the graduate school Dr. Andrew Montanaro will speak on “Families in Late Biblical Wisdom Literature.” Finally, Christendom theology chairman Dr. Matthew Tsakanikas will speak on “Entering the Holy of Holies as the Priesthood of the Baptized” on March 29.

If you are coming to the potluck, bringing children, or would like to volunteer, St. John’s asks for you to RSVP to David Wallace for each evening at dwallace@stjb.org. The parish will provide drinks, desserts, and tableware, and requests that you bring a dish to share.

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