A local chapter of the national Catholic Bar Association (CBA) is now in the Diocese of Arlington, thanks to the efforts of alumnus Mattias A. Caro (’05) and others. Caro, an attorney for Dominion Law Group, is a founding member of the Thomas More Guild for Catholic Legal Professionals — a group that will educate, organize, and inspire its members to uphold and bear witness to the Catholic Faith in the study and practice of law.

Caro has been impacting the diocese for the better for over a decade now, serving in a multitude of roles after earning his M.A. in theology from Christendom’s graduate school. He earned his J.D. in law from George Mason University in 2009 and served as a director of legal services and a director of religious education in the years following. Caro is now an attorney for Dominion Law Group, specializing in Estate Planning for his clients.

His passion for helping others and his deep Catholicism made Caro an ideal person to help bring the Thomas More Guild to fruition in Arlington. There are chapters of the CBA across the country, all working to improve the study and practice of law in the United States. Having a chapter in Arlington, so near to Washington, D.C., is crucial, making Caro’s efforts that much more important.

Caro, who is also the president of the Center for Morality in Public Life and the executive editor of Ethika Politika, will work to build fellowship among members of the Guild and their families, engage in pro bono work supporting local Catholic ministries, host lectures on issues of law, faith, and morality, and much more. He, and other members, will also mentor and assist law school students and college students interested in legal careers, making him and the rest of the Guild a valuable resource for Christendom students and alumni interested in law.

Caro is not the only Christendom alum working hard in the area of law. In the Diocese of Arlington alone, alumni Francis Aul (’11), Matthew Akers (’03), and Rebecca Deucher (’14) are all working as lawyers or law clerks, while other alumni are performing the same duties across the United States.

The legal profession is one of the most important responsibilities in society, and, as a result, one of the most challenging as well. Caro and others are tasked with bringing truth and justice to communities, and this new CBA chapter will only help make their positive impact that much greater.

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