Christendom College president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell has launched a new weekly video series aimed at bringing hope and spiritual nourishment to Catholics while they are at home. Titled “Principles for Your Week,” the series promises to delve into a variety of topics pertinent to the times, providing helpful tips and reflections for Catholic families.

“We will be sending out weekly messages during this difficult time to remind us all, myself included, of the treasures and timeless truth here in our Catholic faith, in our tradition, and in the natural light of our God-given reason,” says Dr. Timothy O’Donnell.

This new series was born out of a question: what can Christendom do for Catholics who are wondering how to keep their spiritual lives strong without easy access to many of the sacraments? O’Donnell developed this series as an answer, turning to saints, scholars, and scripture for inspiration for each video.

So far, O’Donnell has released three “Principles for Your Week.” The first focused on the Annunciation, pointing to Mary as a source of hope during these challenging times. The second looked at the importance of the priesthood, and his latest offered practical tips for how to celebrate Holy Week in the home.

Every Thursday for the foreseeable future, O’Donnell plans on releasing a new video, with each one aiming to help people thrive as Catholics by sharing the guiding light of faith and reason found in Catholic patrimony.

To view the latest video and to sign up to receive new videos each week, visit here.

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