Christendom College theology chairman Dr. Matthew Tsakanikas is now sharing online classes in theology for Catholics worldwide. Tsakanikas, who is an associate professor of theology at the college, is making his New Evangelization & Catholic Apologetics course and select New Testament lectures available online for free, in order to help strengthen the faith of those quarantined.

When Christendom College made the decision to move to online distance learning for undergraduate students for the remainder of the spring semester, Tsakanikas immediately began preparing his courses for the switch to an online format. As the rest of the country and the world began to go into quarantine due to the coronavirus, Tsakanikas saw a need to evangelize and strengthen the faith of Catholics now unable to easily receive the Sacraments.

As a result, he began publishing his lectures to a public YouTube page utilizing video with PowerPoint slides, where anyone can view them for free from the comfort of home. The very popular site NewAdvent labeled them “fascinating” and promoted the “Perpetual Virginity of Mary” video from his New Evangelization course.

“I’d especially like Catholics to have access to the video I recently published about the Rosary as essential to ‘supplementing our faith,’” says Tsakanikas, quoting 2 Peter 1:5. “It is important that we express well the great value it has in developing the virtues we need to live in Christ.”

The lectures are coming from two of Tsakanikas’ spring courses. The first, Theology 202, deals with the New Testament and shows how the Gospel texts reveal the real historical Jesus, true God and true Man, while also addressing contemporary critics who seek to distance the texts from Him. The second course, Theology 302, delves into the New Evangelization and Catholic Apologetics, giving a presentation of the arguments for the credibility of the Catholic faith in a language for contemporary culture.

Tsakanikas’ YouTube already features fourteen lectures for interested Catholics, ranging in topics from the “Resurrection, Ascension, and Pentecost” to “Dialogue with Protestants on Justification.”

To view more free theology courses, please click here.

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