Christendom College will see three of its alumni ordained as priests this summer. Rev. Mr. Peter McShurley (’14), Rev. Mr. Miguel Flores-Perez (’02), and Rev. Mr. David McWhirter, FSSP (’12), are all set to join the priesthood, with three other alumni becoming deacons as well.

These three priests will raise the total number of Christendom alumni priests to 94 after the college broke the momentous 90 mark this past summer.

Deacon McShurley studied at the Pontifical North American College in Rome prior to returning to the Diocese of Arlington to be ordained to the transitional diaconate this past summer. When he is ordained to the priesthood on June 6, he will become the eighteenth alumnus priest of the college’s home Diocese of Arlington. The other alumni serving the Diocese of Arlington are Fr. Carroll Oubre, Fr. Tom Vander Woude, Fr. Joseph Kenna, Fr. Bjorn Lundberg, Fr. Noah Morey, Fr. Matthew Zuberbueler, Fr. Steve McGraw, Fr. John Heisler, Fr. Vincent Bork, Fr. Kevin Beres, Fr. Michael Taylor, Fr. Kevin Walsh, Fr. Francis Peffley, Fr. Joseph Farrell, Fr. Nicholas Blank, Fr. Christopher Tipton, and Fr. Denis Donahue.

Rev. Mr. Flores-Perez will be ordained to the Archdiocese for the Military Services on June 27. Deacon Flores-Perez is currently finishing his studies at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, Texas, and hopes to eventually serve as a chaplain in the U.S. Army after three years of pastoral service in his home Diocese of Austin.

On May 29, Rev. Mr. McWhirter will be ordained as Christendom’s eighth alumnus FSSP priest, joining Fr. Gerard Saguto, Fr. Joseph Portzer, Fr. Thomas Longua, Fr. Chris Pelster, Fr. Daniel Heenan, Fr. Zach Akers, and Fr. John Killackey.

These three men are taking the heroic step into the priesthood, with other alumni not far behind them in their vocational journeys.

Three other alumni will be ordained to the transitional diaconate for the Diocese of Arlington on May 30: Johnathan Fioramonti (’14), John Paul Heisler (’17), and Joseph Townsend (’11). Alumnus Rev. Mr. Joseph Dalimata, FSSP (’17), was ordained to the diaconate on March 28.

In 42 years, Christendom has been blessed to see so many religious vocations amongst its alumni. While Christendom was founded to help form lay people who would then impact every area of society, the college’s faithful Catholic liberal arts education has helped many alumni discover a religious vocation while they are students. In total, Christendom currently has 91 priests, 51 sisters, 7 brothers, 5 transitional deacons, 1 permanent deacon, and 15 other men currently studying for the priesthood, along with 485 alumna-to-alumnus marriages.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these ordination dates are subject to change.

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