Supporters of Christendom College raised over $210,000 in new monthly and one-time donations for the college during the third annual alumni Giving Day, held on April 21, 2020. Over 715 donors, comprised of alumni, students, and parents, all gave generously to The Carroll Fund during the day’s online festivities, enabling the college to assist the next generation of Christendom students through financial aid and more.

“Seeing our Christendom family come together in such an amazing way, especially during these difficult times when we’re all facing such hardship, is so inspiring,” says Karla Hester, board member, and Alumni Advisory Council Chair. “Through the more than 700 gifts, over 70 professor story submissions, and hundreds of views of the Giving Day online party, we came together in so many ways to build each other up. Our Christendom family shows time and again that we are strong in the face of adversity, have each other’s backs, and are there to build one another up through support and prayers.”

The college had the goal of doubling its monthly givers this year. In just 24 hours, it surpassed that goal, with alumni strengthening the college’s financial standing as a result. The $210,000 raised on Giving Day is just the beginning as well. With these new monthly donors, that number will only increase over the course of the next 12 months, enabling the college to impact even more students in the future. The money raised through those donations, along with one-time gifts, goes towards The Carroll Fund, which specifically helps the college with financial aid, counseling and spiritual development, career services, athletics, and faculty and staff salaries.

Giving Day had a specific theme this year, encouraging alumni to celebrate memories of their professors from their time at Christendom. Alumni from across Christendom’s 42-year history submitted stories, showing how much of an impact the College’s faculty has had on students over the decades.

Typically, Giving Day would comprise multiple in-person events throughout the day. With people currently at home and businesses shut down, the college decided to make the event virtual this year. Throughout the day, college staff and alumni joined a live-stream to perform music, give talks, and more. College president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell gave a rousing performance of Irish songs from his office, a live Holy Hour was celebrated in the college’s Christ the King Chapel, and music star alumna Marie Miller (’11) delivered an exclusive live concert for the community, amongst other acts.

The online party helped bring the Christendom community together in a special way this year, resulting in one of the most engaging Giving Days ever according to director of alumni and donor relations Vince Criste.

“We had alumni tuning in from all around the world for the online party, which would not have been possible without the tireless work of the alumni that volunteered to take part in it, along with the behind-the-scenes work of our Giving Day team,” says Criste. “We are so blessed to have alumni so dedicated to supporting the college’s mission. Our goal was to not just raise money, but also to celebrate and reconnect with each other — something we all desperately need right now. This online party accomplished that goal, and I am so happy we were able to serve our fellow alumni in this way.”

Christendom College is one of a handful of colleges in the U.S. to not accept Federal funds, and therefore relies entirely on the generosity of its many benefactors for its financial success and security.  The success of Giving Day is a testament to the passion of Christendom’s supporters, who seek to ensure that the college will be able to offer its Catholic, time-tested liberal arts education for generations to come, helping to form future Catholic leaders so needed by the Church and society today.

New donors are always welcome. If interested in joining the Christendom family of donors, please visit here.

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