Christendom College was featured in a recent article by the Cardinal Newman Society which highlighted the fact that the college is “more in demand than ever.” The article, which featured an extensive interview with vice president for enrollment Tom McFadden, noted that Christendom is poised to meet or exceed its enrollment goals for the fall of 2020 even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic — “a true testament to the value of its offerings at this unique time in our history.”

Christendom is recommended in the Cardinal Newman Society’s Newman Guide, which features faithful Catholic colleges each year. In this article, Newman Society staff pointed to Christendom’s growth over the past six years as a sign of the college’s demand, even while other colleges are on the downturn.

“While six in ten colleges missed fall enrollment goals in 2019, Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia…is thriving,” says Newman Society staff. “Not only has it grown 30 percent over the past six years, but it is also setting a standard for fidelity in Catholic higher education.”

During the interview with McFadden, the Newman Society covered a variety of topics, including why Christendom continues to be a top choice for Catholic families. McFadden acknowledged that many families are worried today about the direction of the culture, but that Christendom offers a solution to that worry.

“We have all seen the culture continue down a rapidly more secular path, especially in recent years,” said McFadden. “Catholic families are understandably worried about how their children will continue to learn the truth and live the faith today, especially during the college years. Our institutions of higher learning, even ‘Catholic’ ones, are becoming places where students are falling away from the faith, rather than growing in it. Christendom offers a solution for these families: a fully Catholic liberal arts education, taught by faithful Catholic professors from a Catholic worldview, in an authentic Catholic environment for the purpose of sending the graduates out into the world to make it more Christ-like.”

The Newman Society further delved into how the college is preparing graduates to go out into the world to “rebuild Christendom,” with McFadden noting that the college’s authentically Catholic liberal arts education has helped form the college’s roughly 4,000 alumni into confident and faithful Catholics who are not afraid to stand up for the truth in modern society.

The education further helps students go deeper into their faith, as acknowledged by the Newman Society. Just last fall, a Christendom freshman came into the Catholic Church in Christendom’s Chapel — evidence that the college’s education, faithful to the Magisterium, is impacting students’ lives for the better before they even leave the college.

Freshman Charles Fuller’s story is an inspiration to all of us, but we’re also thankful to say that this is not the first time this has happened on campus,” said McFadden. “Since our founding, students have come to Christendom eager to learn more about the truths of the Catholic faith. Although the vast majority have entered as Catholic, we have had some non-Catholics attend who have converted to Catholicism, while the vast majority of our students end up falling deeper in love with Christ and His Church.

The article also delved into Christendom’s construction of the new Christ the King Chapel, which has received strong support from benefactors nationwide.

“Our donors are passionate about the need for such works of art today, and they see our new Christ the King Chapel as a true call to greatness,” concluded McFadden. “We’ve been so grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received, and we look forward to celebrating the sacraments in this beautiful new chapel for generations to come.”

To read the full interview, please visit here.

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