Catholics seeking to increase their knowledge of the faith will have two new opportunities in the coming weeks, with Christendom professor Dr. Mark Wunsch and founding faculty member Dr. William Marshner both delivering live virtual lectures for the Institute of Catholic Culture. Dr. Wunsch and Dr. Marshner will share their philosophical and theological expertise, helping listeners learn more about the intellectual tradition of the Church.

On May 26, Dr. Wunsch, an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Christendom, will present a lecture entitled “Discovering Wisdom: Aristotle, Islam, & Scholastic Philosophy,” which will explore how Islamic philosophers of the Middle Ages, such as Avicenna and Averroes, became the chief conduit by which Aristotelian thought was brought to the scholastic doctors of Western Europe.

On June 23, Dr. Marshner, renowned author, theologian, and professor emeritus at Christendom, will present a lecture entitled, “Governed by Christ? On the Separation of Church & State,” which will explore what Catholic social teaching and political theory have to say about the relationship between church and state. The study will explore the notion of “Christendom,” the errant Calvinist attempt to establish a “theocracy,” and the duties of a Catholic citizen in America today.

The Institute of Catholic Culture, which was founded by Christendom alumnus Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo, has a strong relationship with Christendom, with many professors offering lectures or courses through this organization over the years. Dr. John Cuddeback, Dr. Ben Reinhard, Dr. Brendan McGuire, Professor Rafael Madan, Dr. Douglas Flippen, Dr. Eric Jenislawski, and Christendom President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell have all presented for ICC, making their leading Catholic scholarship available to all free of cost.

To register for Dr. Wunsch’s lecture, click HERE. To register for Dr. Marshner’s lecture, click HERE.

For a sampling of the lectures Christendom faculty have offered through ICC, reference the links below.

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