According to Christendom benefactor Nancy Kennedy, she and St. Monica share much in common. “I have an ‘Augustine’ or two in my own family,” says Nancy. “As a mother, it’s heartbreaking to see your own turn away from the Faith.”

Nancy and her husband, David, both grew up Catholic and raised their five children in the Faith. The adolescent years proved difficult, however, as their children began to follow different paths, some leading away from the Church.

Throughout these troubled times, Nancy clung to St. Monica, constantly praying for peace, healing, and for their family’s return to the Faith.

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“As Catholics, we know that we’ll only get all of the answers in the next life,” shares Nancy. “With our children, we just kept waiting and saying, ‘Jesus, we trust in You.’”

It was several years before anything changed.

Nancy and David continued growing their devotion to Sts. Monica and Augustine and, after several years, gradually began to see changes in their children’s hearts. The Kennedys began experiencing extraordinary miracles of healing in their family, including returns to the Faith, grandchildren being immersed in the sacraments, and extended family members’ conversions to Catholicism.

“Monica and Augustine have worked miracles in our lives and those of our children,” share David and Nancy. “Our devotion to them has only continued to grow, and we want to share the grace of this devotion with others.”

Through their involvement with Christendom College, David and Nancy learned of the new Christ the King Chapel project. Excited by the stained-glass window dedication opportunities, they chose to dedicate two twin windows in the upper clerestory of the chapel to Sts. Monica and Augustine. Through their choice of saints and dedication inscription, future generations will remember in prayer the intentions of the Kennedy family and their loved ones.

“We want these windows to help children who are lost and wandering like St. Augustine was,” Nancy says. “It is our prayer that these symbols will give mothers the strength and faith to know that there is hope for their children, just like the hope St. Monica gave us.”

To learn more about the new Christ the King Chapel, visit chapel.christendom.edu.

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