Arriving at college for freshman year can be one of the most exciting moments of a young person’s life. From preparing for classes to meeting new friends, the entire experience is a whirlwind before a student even steps foot into a classroom. However, the transition from high school to college can pose unique challenges for freshmen as well. Christendom’s director of student support services Maribeth Kelly recognized these challenges and decided to formulate a solution to them, releasing a new five-part video series to help students at any college achieve success during their entire college career.

“In my experience, freshmen have a lot on their plates. From being away from home for the first time, to figuring out their social circles, to learning how to manage their time, even the most experienced and intelligent high school senior can have some trouble in these areas,” says Kelly.

Kelly, along with academic success coach Maura Eckels, has been helping Christendom students overcome challenges and succeed in college for many years. From teaching strong study habits, to assisting with papers, and more, the college’s student support services team has helped students obtain the edge they need to thrive in college.

Drawing on her years of experience and academic knowledge, Kelly developed this series of videos, designed to help give new students the skills necessary to succeed from day one of college.

The new video series, titled “5 Challenges Freshmen Face,” tackles a different challenge in each episode, including: time management, notetaking, overcoming procrastination, exam preparation, and learning how to study effectively with one’s own learning style.

While the transition to college life can be difficult, this video series makes that transition far easier for students, enabling them to form the habits necessary for achieving success both in college and beyond.

Check out the intro to the series here:

Here is Kelly’s video about the four learning styles, and how to discover and optimize yours:

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