As cultural tides increasingly turn against the sanctity of life, marriage, and the family, many Christendom alumni have been inspired to pursue careers working to affect public policy and shape the culture for the better. Whether through working at a think tank, on Capitol Hill, as a journalist, or working for an array of mission-based organizations, these alumni are standing for the most pressing issues facing our society today. Rising seniors Rose Francis and Samantha Stahl are seeking to join their ranks through working this summer for Live Action and the Family Research Council, bringing their Catholic worldview to the public arena even before finishing college.

Francis has spent her summer working as a communications intern for Live Action, one of the nation’s most influential pro-life organizations. Live Action, where two other Christendom alumni also work, seeks to educate the public about the gruesome reality of abortion, a goal Francis has been able to directly participate in through her internship. In her role, Francis drafts copy for social media posts, interacts with followers, and compiles data to support Live Action’s content, allowing her to meaningfully contribute to Live Action’s social media presence and messaging.

“Working with Live Action has been incredible. I’ve learned so much about both the pro-life movement and effective outreach through social media, communications, and marketing,” Francis shared. “I am humbled to stand alongside such a fearless, zealous team as we fight to defend the most innocent and defenseless among us.”

Francis gives a lot of credit to Christendom with preparing her to take on her current role. Both the intellectual formation and professional guidance provided at Christendom have helped her succeed in her internship.

“Christendom has cultivated my use of critical thinking, providing me with a firm backbone to oppose today’s societal flaws with truth and reason,” Francis explained.

In addition to applying what she has learned in the classroom, Francis has also benefited from the resources provided by the career development office. According to Francis, she met with director of career development Kristin Stephens on several occasions to discuss her career path, search for internships, and perfect her cover letters and resume.

“With [Stephens’s] help, I was able to present myself with complete professionalism and confidence, and for that, I am very grateful,” Francis shared.

Like Francis, Stahl is interning for one of the nation’s leading pro-life organizations, the Family Research Council (FRC). In addition to fighting for the pro-life cause, FRC works to promote family and faith values in the public arena trough education of the public and policy work.

In her internship, Stahl completes projects for both the communications team and the Government Affairs/Policy department. From drafting press releases on pro-life and pro-family issues, to writing articles about current issues for FRC’s blog, to conducting research for FRC president Tony Perkins, Stahl has had the opportunity to work on a range of meaningful projects, directly aiding FRC in its goal to promote Christian values in politics.

Through her work, Stahl is honing her writing and research abilities, and gaining invaluable skills in leadership and project management. Stahl is learning a lot through this role and she is thankful for the preparation Christendom provided her for it.

“At FRC, I have to take a lot of information and quickly synthesize it into something more concise. I am able to do this thanks to the writing I have done and valuable skills I have gained at Christendom,” Stahl explained.

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