Leaving college to transition into online distance learning was one of the most challenging events to befall college students in recent memory. From missing out on final semesters with friends to having to continue learning in less conducive environments, the experience was difficult for many — including Christendom students. Thankfully for them, they will be returning to campus this August, a prospect that has left them more excited than ever to be reunited again in a “community on fire for Christ and grounded in the faith.”

Christendom is set to welcome students back to campus again the weekend of August 21, with special protocols in place to ensure their health and safety while on campus this fall. After the experience of taking classes online this past spring, students are eager for a return to in-person instruction and residential life again — two aspects that are integral to a Christendom College education.

“I miss daily Mass, in-person classes, my on-campus job, being able to study at St. John’s [Library], and having Sunday Brunch with friends,” shared rising sophomore Luke Foyle. “Last semester’s online classes were a great stop-gap, but the full Christendom experience doesn’t work from home.”

While faculty and students showed great dedication with completing coursework online last semester, the experience brought to light just how important the community is to a Christendom education. While other colleges offer packed classrooms and less personal education, Christendom exists to form the whole person — both in and outside the classroom. Meaningful conversations in the residence halls and over meals edify the classroom experience, with the moral formation sought through a liberal education enabled by the strong friendships that students form.

A Christendom education is more than tests, assignments, and credits — it offers students mental, moral, and spiritual formation that is made possible through the communal pursuit of truth, wisdom, and Christ, which can only truly occur within residential college life.

“Words cannot express how excited I am to once more be surrounded by a community on fire for Christ and grounded in the faith,” shared rising junior Julia Eschbach. “The sacrifices that the faculty and staff have made to ensure we can come back to campus safely with daily sacraments, classes, and community life really mean the world to us students. These things provide a constant source of grace, hope, and true Christian joy, and I can’t wait to be surrounded by them once more.”

The college assembled a special task force in May to ensure the campus would be safe for students when they return, while also actively working to create a positive environment where students will be able to have as normal a semester as possible. The hard work of faculty and staff is already being appreciated by the student body, as they prepare for their return to the classroom, to residential life, and to thriving in the Christendom community.

“Having last semester end so quickly made me realize how important and truly special everything about Christendom is to me,” shared rising junior Maria Cook. “I am so excited to get back in the classroom, learning from our professors in person. I cannot express enough how incredibly blessed I feel to be able to return to campus this semester.”

While no one can predict what this fall has in store, the college is prepared to respond to changing circumstances as needed. Even though this past year has proven unpredictable and trying at times, the Christendom community is looking ahead with hope and faith in Christ, ready to continue forming students to go out and “restore all things in Christ.”

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