Thanks to the steady rise of social media and digital platforms, the field of marketing is booming. Finding a career in the field is competitive as a result, raising the question: how can one get the necessary edge to find success? For Christendom students Alice Seeley (’23) and Grace Stanton (’22), their liberal arts background was the key to landing roles with STRIVE3, a marketing strategy firm, where they are completing vital responsibilities for the company and gaining valuable professional experience in the process.

Seeley works as a copywriter and social media manager for STRIVE3. In this role, Seeley writes white papers, press releases, blog posts, and solicitation emails for STRIVE3’s clients, and manages Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for non-profit organizations. These responsibilities have given her insight into the world of marketing and helped her to develop numerous professional skills.

According to Seeley, Christendom has played an essential role in helping her succeed in her job. Not only did Christendom’s director of career development, Kristin Stephens, help Seeley find her job with STRIVE3, Seeley says her Christendom education taught her to read analytically, manage projects, and communicate clearly, skills that constantly come in to play in her job. But most importantly, Christendom has changed how she views her career.

“Since I’m working with nonprofits, my background at Christendom, which teaches love and compassion, has helped me view my work in a more Christ-like way,” Seeley shared. For Seeley, it is fulfilling to help non-profits spread their message and achieve their goals.

Grace Stanton also works for STRIVE3, but as a project coordinator. In this role, Stanton assists with new projects STRIVE3 acquires, helping with online research, content organization, and streamlining communication between administrators and other employees. This role has given Stanton great insight into the marketing field and has augmented her research and communication skills.

Stanton credits her Christendom foundation with preparing her to excel in this role.

“Thanks to my Christendom education, I felt prepared and confident in handling my job at STRIVE3. I have frequently utilized skills like writing, research, and communication, all of which I developed thanks to Christendom’s engaging and rigorous academic curriculum,” shared Stanton. “In addition, my Christendom education has formed my problem-solving skills, enabling me to pinpoint the crucial details of a problem, while never forgetting the overall bigger picture. These skills established through my Christendom education continuously help me in my job at STRIVE3.”

Both Seeley and Stanton have found their Christendom education to be invaluable in their professional pursuits. Not only do these students see the “Christendom difference,” but their employer does as well.

“We have been so amazed at [Seeley and Stanton’s] respect and professionalism,” shared STRIVE3’s president, Victor Rogers. “That is probably the main reason we dipped into the Christendom talent pool. The students there just have a level of maturity you don’t see anywhere else in this generation and it is refreshing.”

A liberal arts education instills excellent critical thinking skills, communication savvy, and the ability to analyze problems from numerous perspectives, all of which give Christendom students — like Seeley and Stanton — a leg-up in the fast-paced world of marketing and communications.

Christendom students and alumni not only excel in the world of marketing and communications but a wide variety of fields. A Catholic liberal arts formation is applicable to any professional pursuit, as it gives students the mental and moral foundation to tackle any project they set their minds to. As a result, Christendom alumni are excelling in a host of career paths and are bringing their Catholic faith into many different fields in the professional world

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