With hospitals working hard to treat patients on a daily basis, the need for blood is high. Christendom students, faculty, and staff joined together to help meet that need through the college’s annual blood drive with the American Red Cross on September 16. The drive, which was Christendom’s thirty-fifth ever, exceeded expectations for the Red Cross, with the Christendom community rallying together to help those in need.

The blood drive was held in the college’s Crusader Gymnasium, with pre-registered members of the Christendom community showing up throughout the day to donate. The success of the drive, which saw 62% of total donors give for the first time, was inspiring to director of student activities Marilyn Charba, who helps organize the drive each year.

“It’s amazing to see so many people willing to participate in the blood drive,” said Charba. “We had an impressive turnout and it’s a testament to the wonderful students here, that they would be so open to sacrificing their comfort and time in order to help others.”

Since Christendom first started hosting a blood drive on campus, over 1500 students, faculty, and staff have donated. Senior Marcus Hynfield became a member of those ranks his freshman year, choosing to donate every semester since in order to show “love [to] our neighbor.”

“I believe that as Catholics we are called to love our neighbor, and this applies especially to those who are in need,” said Hynfield. “Particularly in this time of crisis, giving blood can be one of the most vital ways in which one can show love to his neighbor: since hospitals are racing to treat so many patients as it is, the last thing they need is a shortage of blood, which can be the difference between the life or death of an individual.”

Christina Burke, now in her second year at Christendom, agrees with Hynfield’s statement.

Sophomore Christina Burke.

“It is important to donate blood as it not only helps those in need but develops our dispositions to do good for others,” said Burke. “Many people have suffered during this pandemic and donating blood is a small act of charity that can be offered for the spiritual benefit of those affected by Covid-19.”

The small act of donating blood helps patients of all ages every day. From accident victims, to those undergoing surgeries, to those battling cancer, people need blood donations, and Christendom’s community has generously stepped up again and again to help those in need.

“I think that the college’s efforts to provide consistent blood drives for students, faculty, and staff to donate shows a great deal of compassion and care for our society,” concluded Hynfield. “I’m frankly honored that I can be considered as one of those many who have donated over the years.”

Throughout the year, Christendom students can be found supporting pro-life causes, whether that be peacefully protesting at abortion clinics each Saturday, marching in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., or volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers. Participating in blood drives is just one more way that students actively save lives each year, making a difference in their community and in the world at large.

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