Christendom’s varsity soccer teams played their first scrimmages of the season over the weekend, with the men’s and women’s teams taking on local Patrick Henry College. Christendom’s men’s team nabbed a 7-1 win, while the Lady Crusaders defeated Patrick Henry 7-0.

Like colleges across the country, Christendom has had to significantly alter the format of the fall athletic season. Official games are currently postponed for all varsity sports, so Christendom’s athletic department is treating the fall as an extended pre-season for student-athletes, with practice multiple times a week and bolstered strengthening and conditioning. In addition, the athletics department has been able to add several scrimmages with local colleges to the schedule, giving student-athletes some time on the field and court this fall.

Saturday marked the first scrimmages of the season for Christendom, with the men’s team playing first. During the game, junior Mark LaRochelle stood out on the field, scoring four goals against Patrick Henry. Senior James O’Reilly also gave an impressive performance, scoring two goals for Christendom. Sophomore Joe Madigan offered two assists, and Santiago Pardo Gasque also scored a goal.

With eight freshmen on the roster, the Lady Crusaders entered their scrimmage with ample fresh talent. Over half the goals were scored by freshmen during Saturday’s scrimmage. Freshmen Caroline Hambleton and Brigid Burgess both scored two goals, and sophomore Christine McLaughlin scored two goals and offered two assists, while sophomore Mary Coyne scored one goal for the Crusaders.

The men’s and women’s soccer teams will play Patrick Henry again later in October. Meanwhile, the college’s men’s and women’s cross-country teams will run at Kernstown on Friday, and the women’s volleyball team will have their first scrimmage of the season again Mid-Atlantic Christian the first weekend of October.

At this time, scrimmages are closed to the public. For more information about Christendom’s teams, visit the athletics webpage.

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