Over $15,000 was raised for the next generation of Christendom student-athletes at the eleventh annual Thomas S. Vander Woude Golf Tournament, with over a hundred golfers and over twenty sponsors participating in the event.

Despite rainy weather, approximately 122 golfers, made up of alumni, friends, and benefactors of Christendom, showed up to compete in the tournament on Monday, October 12, at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club. Together, they fundraised and celebrated the accomplishments of Christendom’s athletes, with current and former scholarship recipients attending the event.

At the tournament, athletic director Patrick Quest announced this year’s Thomas S. Vander Woude Athletic Scholarship winners, Lili Spier and John Paul Vander Woude. Spier, who played varsity high school basketball, soccer, and volleyball, has been busy taking part in the college’s extended preseason this fall, with the hope of competing this coming spring. Vander Woude, who is the grandson of the late Thomas S. Vander Woude, is currently doing the same, with the goal of competing in both soccer and basketball for the college when full seasons return again.

The tournament was created to raise funds for athletes like Spier and Vander Woude and enable them to better afford Christendom’s liberal arts education, but also to honor the legacy of Thomas S. Vander Woude. A former athletic director at the school, and father to many Christendom alumni, Vander Woude died saving the life of his youngest son on September 8, 2008. He was dedicated to the character development and personal formation of young people, especially in the areas of both intercollegiate and intramural athletics.

For more information on how to contribute to the Thomas S. Vander Woude Athletic Scholarship fund, please contact athletic director Patrick Quest at patrick.quest@christendom.edu.

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