In 2010, Joby Norton, Tim Lanahan, and JP Minick were featured on the cover of the graduation edition of Instaurare. Now, a decade later, they are still seeing the daily fruits of having attended Christendom College. With families of their own and successful careers, this trio of friends has plenty to say about how their Christendom education has guided them throughout the last 10 years.

“Christendom changed my life — plain and simple,” shares Lanahan.

In his family life, in his career, and in his faith, Lanahan believes Christendom has played an immense role in making him the man he is today. Since graduating in 2010 with his B.A. in philosophy, Lanahan has married and started a family with his classmates Dorothy (Merrill) and has graduated with a master’s in Systems Engineering from George Mason University. He currently works for Capitol One as a senior software developer.

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While Lanahan chose a career that relies heavily upon technical knowledge, he still frequently returns to the speculative knowledge he gained as a philosophy major.

“My Christendom education is always a topic of conversation with people at work,” he says. “I carry my Christendom education with me everywhere.”

In 2010, Norton, Minick, and Lanahan were featured on the cover of Instaurare Magazine. Ten years later, the trio of friends had a chance to remake the photo.

One of the ways that Lanahan feels he is able to tap into his Christendom roots is by sharing his philosophical and theological knowledge with his colleagues when conversations about the “big questions” arise.

“Learning from the intellectual giants at Christendom has given me the ability to inject some true goodness into daily conversations,” Lanahan observes. “In these small ways, I hope to ‘restore all things in Christ.’”

He believes that the friendships he formed at Christendom are of equal importance to the education he received in the classroom. Lanahan, Minick, and Norton have remained close in the 10 years since graduating. Lanahan lives just 15 minutes away from JP and his wife, Emily (Jaroma ’10), in West Virginia, and their families are good friends. Joby and his wife, Hannah, are godparents to the Lanahans’ second daughter, Rosaleen. The continuation of these friendships is a testament to the depth of the relationships students form at Christendom.

“The greatest gift bestowed by my time at Christendom has been the friendships that I have carried on from my time there,” shares JP Minick. “Former classmates have become an extension of my family.” Since graduating, Minick has gone on to launch a successful career in tech sales, following a stint working for political campaigns immediately after graduating. In addition to his sales position, Minick and his wife are proud owners of their own real estate investment firm.

The Minicks have been blessed with four children—Xavier, Avila, Chiara, and Cabrini. According to Minick, his Christendom education still largely affects how he lives as a professional and as a husband and father.

“The motto that has proven most influential in my own life regarding how I try to conduct myself in the household, at work, and in the public eye is issued by Christendom’s founder, Warren Carroll: ‘Truth Exists. The Incarnation Happened.’ These words provide a compass for navigating life,” Minick explains. “The love of faith imbued at Christendom has allowed me to connect in a deep and meaningful way with my co-workers—the majority of whom do not have faith—and spread the message of the Gospel even in the workplace.” 

As for Joby Norton, he has accomplished much in the 10 years since he earned his B.A. in philosophy. Directly after graduating, he was a salesman for an alumni-owned software company, before working at a DC-area think tank. Later, he discovered his desire to become a nurse, and completed an accelerated nursing program with George Mason University in 2016, earning his BSN in just 12 months. Now, Norton works in an intensive care unit and cardiac catheterization lab in Winchester, Virginia, and is pursuing his master’s in nursing. 

In addition, since graduating, Norton met his wife, Hannah, and they now have four children—Joseph, Colette, Lucy, and Benedict. Norton believes that Christendom and the friends he made there have been a guiding force in his career and vocation. 

“After my parents, I credit Christendom with forming my heart and mind to do good in my work,” he says. “Every day, I should thank God for my Christendom College education.”

Lanahan, Minick, and Norton are just a few examples of alumni who have gone on to be successful in their careers and in their spiritual vocations. Endowed with a strong intellectual and spiritual foundation, as well as many lifelong friends, Christendom alumni go out into the world with these priceless gifts, enabling them to restore the culture—even 10 years later. 

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