Many colleges faced enormous pressure not to hold in-person classes this fall, opting instead to go fully virtual during COVID-19. Seeking to avoid another semester of virtual learning, Christendom worked hard to open again with a robust safety plan, buoyed by the success of hosting over 280 students on campus during the college’s five one-week Experience Christendom Summer Programs. The results from the fall semester were phenomenal, with the college reporting a record student enrollment, a record number of visiting high school students, and a record number of applications for fall 2021.

Through more individualized day and overnight visits, and increased numbers of Open House events, both in person and virtual, prospective students and their families fully experienced the college’s lived Catholic educational offerings. For many of the record number of visitors – 23% more than last fall – it was a breath of fresh air to be able to attend classes and meet with administrators and faculty while visiting. Many of them had expressed sadness at not having had these same opportunities at other colleges of interest due to visit restrictions and virtual education.

“With all the tumult of 2020, more and more families see the need for a thoroughly Catholic education grounded in the Truth and a learning experience that takes place in-person,” says Admissions Director Sam Phillips. “As our founder Dr. Carroll often stated, ‘Truth exists. The Incarnation happened.’ We are incarnational beings, and virtual learning, while often helpful and even necessary at times, can never be a true substitute for learning in a true community.”

In addition to the record number of visits, the college saw a 14% rise in early applications this year, with the majority of them coming from students who participated in this past summer’s high school program. Having been welcomed to a transformative in-person experience over the summer, these program alumni are now even more eager to join the Crusader family next fall.

“These early applicants are seeking a college education and community in which they can learn the Truth, live the Faith, and thrive as Catholics. We are encouraged to see the record interest in our education, and we look forward to welcoming new students and visitors – in person – in spring 2021,” says Phillips.

For students interested in transferring, the admissions office is accepting applications for limited spots for the upcoming spring semester. Apply now at christendom.edu/apply.

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