The 2021 National March for Life will no longer take place in person, as announced by March for Life President Jeanne Mancini on Friday, January 15. As a result, Christendom College will no longer be leading the 2021 March but has been invited to lead the 2022 National March for Life in person on January 21, 2022.

“The protection of all of those who participate in the annual March, as well as the many law enforcement personnel and others who work tirelessly each year to ensure a safe and peaceful event, is a top priority of the March for Life,” says Mancini in a statement. “In light of the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic which may be peaking, and in view of the heightened pressures that law enforcement officers and others are currently facing in and around the Capitol, this year’s March for Life will look different.”

The annual rally will take place virtually on January 29, with Student Body President Elizabeth Eller scheduled to deliver a pre-recorded address for all participants. A small group of invited representatives will also still march in D.C., representing pro-life Americans across the country who are unable to also be in D.C. this year. This small group will carry roses with them, according to Catholic News Agency, which they will leave at the Supreme Court in honor of the lives lost to abortion.

To RSVP to watch the March for Life live on January 29, click here.

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