Philosophy professor Dr. John Cuddeback’s acclaimed work, True Friendship: Where Virtue Becomes Happiness, is now out in a new, expanded edition from Ignatius Press. Featuring new chapters on human friendship as preparation for friendship with God and more, the book provides a practical guide to the most rewarding of human achievements: being a friend.

“If life has taught me something in the intervening decade and a half [since the publishing of the first edition of this book], it might be this: to know something about true friendship is one thing, and to live it is another,” writes Cuddeback in the preface to the new edition. “Life tends to humble us. At the same time, it teaches us that the truths of reality are even better than we realize, if we have eyes to see it. My conviction that the truth about friendship is simply life changing has only gotten deeper.”

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First published in 2003 by Epic Publishing for the campus ministry organization FOCUS, True Friendship has gained popularity and acclaim in the nearly two decades since it was first published. The book weaves the timeless wisdom of the Greeks and of Sacred Scripture together into a practical guide, revealing the truth that friendship changes lives.

In this expanded edition, Cuddeback has added new chapters on human friendship as preparation for friendship with God, discerning when true friendship is possible, and developing friendship with parents, teachers, and mentors.

“The truth about friendship will give us a compass to navigate troubled waters. It will give us principles for understanding and responding to the pressing challenges of relationships at home, at work, and all around us. Studying these realities has been a signal blessing in my life. Sharing them here is a privilege,” writes Cuddeback.

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