Christendom students joined together with college students from across the nation in this year’s virtual SEEK Conference, hosted by FOCUS. Featuring virtual talks from Bishop Robert Barron, Fr. Mike Schmitz, and others, along with opportunities for Adoration and confession, students were inspired “to continue trying to become saints” over the course of the four-day event.

“We had to capitalize on the opportunity FOCUS offered through SEEK21 to provide an on-campus retreat for our community after having witnessed the transformative effects on our students who attended the last SEEK conference in 2019,” says Dean of Students Tim Judge. “The campus schedule was easily adapted to include conference events that would be aimed at joyful fellowship, receptivity to hearing the Gospel anew, intentional small group discussion and ample prayer time. Giving extended space for the Lord to work and speak into our lives is of utmost importance, especially at the onset of a challenging semester. It was encouraging to see many students take advantage of the opportunity and grow in new ways they otherwise wouldn’t have.”

Christendom has sent students to SEEK Conferences in the past, but this year’s virtual format offered an opportunity for more students to participate than ever before. The college’s Student Life Department worked hard to recreate the spirit of the conference on campus, adding in-person events, such as a Catholic Trivia Night, to compliment the virtual offerings.

The weekend of February 4-7 became akin to a four-day retreat for students, with each day following a similar format of attending keynote speaker addresses before students met in small groups to discuss how to take lessons from the addresses and apply them into daily life on campus.

“I received from my experience with SEEK a stronger conviction of my beliefs and inspiration to continue trying to become a saint,” said one student. “Talks from Sister Miriam James and Father Mike Schmitz were especially impactful.”

Christendom dedicated itself to the patronage of St. Joseph to begin this semester, in honor of the Year of St. Joseph. As a result, St. Joseph holy cards were given out to all the students and each small group was given a votive candle as well, which was then lit and placed in front of the shrine to St. Joseph in the crypt of Christ the King Chapel.

Upstairs in the Chapel, students were able to attend a Laudamus Te Holy Hour on Friday evening and a Healing Service, featuring Adoration and confession, on Saturday evening. The Healing Service, which came after Fr. Schmitz’s keynote address about “doing the hard thing,” was particularly well-attended, with many students going to confession and engaging in praise and worship of the Blessed Sacrament.

Christendom offers an abundance of opportunities to grow in their Catholic Faith throughout every semester, from numerous Masses a day to daily Confession, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, praying of the Rosary, and more. The Virtual SEEK Conference gave students the chance to build on the campus’ vibrant spiritual life in a powerful way, resulting in an even stronger student body, dedicated to “restoring all things in Christ.”

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