Even amid these uncertain times, Marvin and Cheryl Spychaj are sure of this: they want Christendom College to continue to be financially stable now and far into the future. Marvin and Cheryl have been faithful supporters of Christendom College and are particularly interested in providing valuable financial aid to students who hope to receive a Christendom education.

Why are Christendom students so important to the Spychajs? Because, as Marvin says, “young people are the future” and their college years are an important time of formation.

Marvin recounts how he had a wonderful experience at a Jesuit college, with strong theological and philosophical studies, which enabled him “to both live my faith and grow in my faith.” However, in recent years, many young Catholics are not blessed with that experience of college.

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Young people are having to face an increasingly secular world, where traditional values and views are rejected. Moreover, most young Catholics are not receiving the kind of education that enables them to analyze and respond, intentionally and critically, to the numerous agendas and propaganda of an increasingly secular world.

In fact, Cheryl’s college experience exemplified the challenges that, sadly, most young people are still facing. Unlike Marvin, Cheryl’s college experience left her shaken in her faith. Though Cheryl was raised Catholic, she left the Catholic Church shortly after her college years. Cheryl says, “I recall being taught in college that everything is relative. If it feels right to you, then do it. Because I was taught this in a Catholic college, I just thought it must be right … [and] this opened the door of my heart to the very dangerous waters of relativism.” By the grace of God, Cheryl returned to the Catholic faith because of her deep yearning for the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Unfortunately, not all young people who fall away from the Faith in their college years are rescued by the deep call of the True Presence. Disturbed by the number of young people leaving the Catholic Church while attending college these days, Marvin and Cheryl admit they are concerned about the Church’s future. They have, however, found hope in Christendom’s mission to educate students in the Truth. As the Spychajs attest, “Christendom truly is a Catholic college whose orthodoxy is unquestioned. There, young people are challenged to embrace their faith and grow their faith as they prepare for the challenges of adulthood.”

“Christendom is the answer to many challenges young people currently face,” Marvin continues. “While we cannot avoid what the world often demands of us, we can live as our Faith guides us. Christendom College is giving students the tools to do this. We need to ensure that colleges like Christendom—and there are others—are there for present and future generations, providing them an opportunity to learn about and live their faith free of worry or concern from the secular world.”

Through their ongoing support, Marvin and Cheryl are ensuring that Christendom College will continue to provide a faithful Catholic education that forms young people in Truth and prepares them to be future Catholic leaders—all while remaining independent of coercive federal strings thanks to zero federal funding.

The Spychajs recognize that “in the near term—as well as in the long term—there will be Christendom students who will need financial aid to continue and complete their studies at the college.” Consequently, to ensure the future of the college, they have named Christendom College as one of the beneficiaries of their individual retirement account (IRA) assets. This enables the Spychajs to preserve their Catholic heritage by helping educate future Catholic leaders of the Church, while still providing for their own needs. Marvin and Cheryl maintain control of the IRA during their lifetimes in case an unforeseen financial need arises. This type of gift will also ensure that their legacy will make a lasting impact on the Faith for generations.

Learn more about supporting the faithful formation of students at giving.christendom.edu.

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