Christendom has seen many different families enroll their children over the past 43 years. Whether there are two, ten, or seventeen children, once one sibling goes to Christendom, others usually follow — and often at the same time. This upcoming fall will be no different, with several different families sending multiple children to the college, all in pursuit of something lacking in most of higher education today: a college experience that will challenge them academically while also encouraging their Catholic faith.

In an educational landscape dominated by secularism, Christendom’s authentically Catholic liberal arts education has attracted families from across the country since 1977. Families, such as the Whittakers, have sent all twelve of their children to Christendom, including a current rising sophomore, while others, like the Lancasters, have sent all seven of their children, with the final one graduating this past May. Their desire for an education centered on Truth is one shared by many, including sisters Madeline and Helen Davis.

Hailing from Texas, the Davis sisters both sought out a vibrant Catholic culture for their college experience, finding it at Christendom.

The Davis’.

“In our society so much of higher education is centered around a Godless — and therefore untrue — reality,” says Helen Davis, one of the college’s Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship winners for the Class of 2025. “Learning in these environments is possible, but what exactly you will be learning is a different question. At the same time, one needs to be able to approach secular society from common ground and gradually make our way to Truth Himself. The academic program at Christendom meets this challenge with grace and genius.”

Wanting to find an education centered on Christ is what drew siblings Michael and Dinneen Evich to Christendom as well. Hailing from Virginia, they had grown up with a vague awareness of the college, but it wasn’t until they attended the Best Week Ever high school summer program that they were hooked. They came back for a fall campus visit and it was there that they both felt the college would be the ideal “home away from home” during their college years.

“I was completely won over by the authentically Catholic lifestyle portrayed at Christendom,” says Dinneen. “The zeal for Christ and the mutual desire to lead a faith-driven life enveloped and inspired me. I know that wherever I’m called in life, Christendom’s education will equip me not only to be successful but to defend and truly live out the one, true faith.”

Dinneen and Michael were both homeschooled growing up, going through all of the same classes together. When it came to college, neither could imagine going away without the other, making attending Christendom together that much more satisfying.

“Throughout my entire life I have been doing nearly everything with my older sister,” says Michael. “It’s almost impossible to imagine what it would be like to go to a different college than her. The beauty of Christendom is its size, or rather the lack thereof. At any [larger] college, it wouldn’t matter if we were both there, we would still hardly see each other. But Christendom’s small, yet strong and tight-knit community, provides a perfect opportunity to stay together and grow together in a strong Catholic environment.”

For the Forthofers, attending college at the same time is not a shock to them. As twins growing up in North Carolina, they have shared every moment together since conception and expected the same from college. But attending Christendom was not necessarily on their radar until July 2020, when they attended Best Week Ever. From there, everything changed.

The Forthofers.

“Christendom teaches the truth,” says Joseph Forthofer. “It seems to me that Christendom College is one of the few Catholic colleges that actually holds fast to the truths and beliefs of the Catholic faith. I experienced this during Christendom’s summer program…I was instantly attracted to the adherence to tradition that Christendom has. The faculty was very friendly, and the whole campus has a homey feel to it. I knew that I would fit in well.”

Families, such as the Whittakers, have sent all twelve of their children to Christendom, including a current rising sophomore. Here are many members of the family following the graduation of John and Anthony Whittaker this past May.

The Forthofer, Davis, and Evich families share much in common, all investing in a truly Catholic education for their children. Each family wanted more from their college experience than just a degree and a path to a successful career. They wanted an education that would help them learn the Truth, live the faith, and thrive as Catholics, while at the same time preparing them to strive for greatness and achieve success in whatever vocation God has called them to fulfill. This fall, they will begin that very education, united in a shared desire to grow in wisdom and holiness and prepare themselves to fulfill the college’s mission of “restoring all things in Christ.”

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