Christendom College professor and historian Steve Weidenkopf provides a ray of hope for Catholics across the globe with his new work: Light from Darkness: Nine Times the Catholic Church Was in Turmoil—and Came Out Stronger Than Before. As Catholics struggle with what often feels like one crisis after another, Weidenkopf’s book shows how the Church’s past ages were no less tumultuous — all while providing a way forward for today’s Catholics.

Light from Darkness comes at a perfect time, with many struggling amidst the challenges facing the world today. Weidenkopf, who teaches history at Christendom’s Graduate School of Theology, looks into the past history of the Catholic Church to show how the Church not only persisted during difficult times but came through them stronger than before.

Presented in the engaging, easy-to-understand style that Weidenkopf is known for, Light from Darkness, demonstrates how the Church’s survival across the ages was not an accident. Instead, good Catholics cooperated with God’s grace to beat back error and corruption and reform the house of God from within. They resisted, according to Weidenkopf, cynical schism and passivism and instead went to work, bringing good out of evil, light from darkness.

Weidenkopf provides nine inspiring stories of crisis and reform in Light from Darkness — nine stories that Weidenkopf belives will bring hope to Catholics and provide them with a model to follow in the future.

Light from Darkness comes on the heels of Weidenkopf’s The Church and the Middle Ages and his widely acclaimed Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church.Christendom College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell called that book a “rare gem….to be read and treasured by the faithful and all who seek the deeper meaning of Western Christian civilization.”

Weidenkopf previously wrote The Real Story of Catholic History: Answering Twenty Centuries of Anti-Catholic Myths, and is also the creator, co-author and presenter of the adult faith formation program Epic: A Journey through Church History.

To preorder the book, please visit here.

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