History professor and author Alessia Berardi has joined Christendom’s Department of History, as announced by the department this month. With expertise ranging across the history of Western Civilization, including Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages the Renaissance, Berardi will bring her extensive knowledge to Christendom classrooms beginning this semester.

Berardi earned her B.A. and M.A. in Classics from the Universita degli Studi di Milano before moving to Canada to continue her doctoral studies in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, where she is expected to defend her dissertation in the next few months. Over the past seven years, Berardi has been awarded multiple grants and fellowships — many from the University of Toronto.

Berardi served as one of the editors of Exposito in Cantica Cantocorum, Critical Edition and has written articles for Scriptorium and book chapters for Holy Hero(in)es: Literary Constructions of Heroism in Late Antique and Early Medieval Hagiography.

A native speaker of Italian, Berardi also speaks and reads Latin, Greek, and English, and is able to read French, German, and Spanish. Her vast language expertise served her well at the University of Toronto, where she taught Latin and Latin Palaeography. Her expertise stretches from language into the history of Western Civilization, making her a valuable addition to Christendom’s already rich department of history.

Berardi began teaching for the college this past week, joining current department faculty members Dr. Michael Kelly, Dr. Adam Schwartz, Dr. Christopher Shannon, Department Chairman Dr. Christopher Lane, and College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell.

Berardi and her husband moved to Front Royal, Virginia, from Toronto, Ontario.

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