New students from across the country joined Christendom’s record-setting Class of 2025 this fall, helping make it the largest freshman class in the college’s 44-year history. With 163 first-time freshmen and a record total student enrollment of 539, these new students are already thriving, taking advantage of the college’s fully integrated Catholic life both in and outside the classroom.

“I was highly impressed by how Christendom was able to blend a challenging curriculum with the Catholic faith,” says freshman Luca Vitale, who hails from Ohio. For Vitale it was the college’s combination of academic excellence and authentic Catholic culture that ultimately drew him to the school over other colleges.

“The aspect that drew me to Christendom was the fact that everything here is taught from a Catholic perspective,” says Vitale. “Not only are theology and philosophy grounded in Catholic truth, but even things like economics, political theory, the sciences, and history. This allows the students to focus on absorbing information without having to sift through the content and discovering that what we’ve learned is actually contrary to our faith.”

The Class of 2025, besides being the largest, also boasts a 1260 average SAT score and features two National Merit Finalists and 70% of the class on academic scholarship.  Additionally, over 65% of the incoming class are alumni of the college’s high school summer program – The Best Week Ever.

While students applied to the college from across the United States, the Class of 2025 also features several international students. Coming from Ireland, freshman John Ascough is excited to begin his time at Christendom after taking a gap year during the height of COVID-19.

The college’s commitment to an in-person education amidst a tumultuous time was part of what drew Ascough to the school along with many others, including Lauren Pelletier. She was looking at many different colleges before the start of the pandemic, but all of them closed their doors to visitors for much of 2020. Christendom was one of the few that still admitted visitors, which is how Pelletier discovered the college in the first place. After making a visit, she quickly applied and was accepted to the school for 2021.

Other students eagerly sought out Christendom’s in-person offerings as well, including first generation students Natalia Santana and Marcus Morales. For Santana, a native of California, the college’s in-person education and authentically Catholic culture sealed the deal on her choosing the school.

“I am so glad to be at Christendom,” says Santana, who was part of the Regina Caeli Academy hybrid homeschooling program during high school. “As a first-generation student, it was very important for me to find a college that would aid me in my spiritual life while living in a lively and encouraging atmosphere. After looking into several colleges and attending the Best Week Ever, my expectations of a truly Catholic college were raised and only Christendom was able to meet them.”

Christendom has a history of attracting large families to the college, with many siblings attending the college after a family falls in love with the school. That tradition continues with the Class of 2025, with many families sending their next child to the school, including the Scriveners. After Rob and Anne Marie Scrivener both attended the college in the early 1980s, they have seen seven of their sons graduate from their alma mater — with number eight, Geoffrey, now a freshman.

While other colleges are struggling to fill classrooms, these students helped set new records in student body size at Christendom, all because they wanted something more from their college education — they wanted to learn the Truth, live the faith, and thrive in a place that would set them on the road to success, in this life and the next.

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall of 2022, with the Admissions Office expecting an even bigger waiting list than was seen this past year. All interested students are encouraged to apply by December 1, 2021.

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