A record number of eager prospective students and their families visited Christendom College for its annual Homeschool Visit Day on October 9, the feast of St. John Henry Newman. During the event, Cardinal Newman Society Society President and Founder Patrick Reilly gave an address to attendees, encouraging them to consider and support Christendom.

In his talk, Reilly spoke on the benefits of studying the liberal arts and explained what St. John Henry Newman taught on the subject. He further discussed major problems occurring in Catholic higher education today, pointing to some of the future issues that may arise in today’s secularized culture.

College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell spoke at the event.

“The reality is we’re getting very close to the point where any [Catholic] institution that participates in federal student loan programs is going to have to completely drop those [federal] student loans, which for an institution that’s dependent on those funds could destroy it,” said Reilly, who is himself a homeschooling father.  “Christendom has made a very valiant decision to not put itself in that position. We’ve hoped that maybe it wouldn’t come to this, but it is coming to that. Christendom is going to be in far better shape than most of these other schools [since it does not accept federal funds]. They’re going to have thousands of Catholic students knocking on the door trying to get in.”

This past fall, the college reported a record enrollment with a substantial waiting list. Already this year, based on the number of applications received, the college’s Admission Office believes it will have an even longer waiting list for fall 2022.

Students had the opportunity to attend a class with Academic Dean Dr. Ben Reinhard.

“The Newman Guide will introduce you to faithful Catholic institutions, but you’re at one right here that’s solid and gets all of those fundamentals that I talked about entirely right,” said Reilly. “I love Christendom College and encourage you to consider supporting them.”

The participants, who traveled from many parts of the country, left the event with renewed hope for the future.

Students and their families were given a tour of campus by the college’s Admissions Office.

“There was much in the presentations and tour that resonated with us as we have recently been grappling with what is best for the higher education of our children,” said Erich Dietrich, father of three potential students. “Suffice it to say, we received a nudge – a push would be more accurate – from the Holy Spirit that Christendom would be the best college choice with that mission in mind.”

The final Open House event of the fall will be held on Saturday, November 20. Space is limited.

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