Christendom will welcome professors and students from George Mason University to campus for an academic conference titled “Smith and Leo XIII, Economics and Ethics.” The event, which will give students the valuable opportunity to engage with fellow academics from another college, will take place on Saturday, October 30.

Spearheaded by the college’s political science and economics department, the conference is being co-sponsored by the Adam Smith Program at George Mason University. Over the course of October 30, students will listen to talks about both the ideas present in Adam Smith’s economic writings and moral philosophy and the tradition of Pope Leo XIII present in Catholic social teaching.

“Though it is a busy time of year, we wanted to give [students] the opportunity to promote intercollegiate academic discussion on important political science topics,” said Dr. Joseph Brutto, chairman of the college’s political science and economics department.

The weekend’s discussions will focus on commercial ethics, property, and the relation between economics and the common good. The conference format will be a mix of formal research presentations and seminar-style discussion, with three sessions covering: prudence and profit, property and justice, and economics and the common good, Each session will open with a presentation, followed by a time for Q&A. The second half of each session will move from the formal presentation into an open discussion of relevant texts from Smith and Pope Leo XIII.

In addition to covering the works of Adam Smith, the conference will also cover Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum in its entirety.

This will be an ideal opportunity to promote intercollegiate academic discussion on important topics in political science.

To learn more about Christendom’s Political Science Economics department, visit here.

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