Christendom College history professor Dr. Christopher Shannon was featured on C-SPAN this past week as part of their popular “Lectures in History” series. Speaking to Christendom students, Shannon delivered a lecture on Irish Catholics and Tammany Hall, delving into the history of Irish Catholicism in America and nineteenth century New York City politics.

C-SPAN features lectures from academics across the country each week that delve into topics exploring America’s past. This past week featured Shannon, speaking in depth on Irish Catholicism in America as part of his American Catholic History course.

The lecture covered a wide range of topics, including the Tammany Hall organization — a New York City political organization that featured mainly Irish Catholic immigrants and played a major role in New York politics. From there, he dug into positive and negative portrayals of Irish Catholic immigrants in New York through Thomas Nast cartoons and other period sources, providing an enlightening glimpse into the treatment of Irish Catholicism in America at the time.

Shannon, who earned his Ph.D. from Yale, is an expert in the history of Catholicism in America and has spoken at length on the topic both in and outside of the classroom. The author of multiple books, including Conspicuous Criticism: Tradition, the Individual, and Culture in Modern American Social Thought, Bowery to Broadway: The American Irish in Classic Hollywood Cinema, and The Past as Pilgrimage: Narrative, Tradition and the Renewal of Catholic History, Shannon also has column at The Catholic World Report.

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