Christendom College’s Best Week Ever high school summer program is now accepting applications, with a 30% discount available to current high school juniors for a limited time only. Ranked by participants as the most popular, well-attended, and highly ranked pre-college summer program of its kind, the Best Week Ever will feature five one-week sessions this upcoming summer. Spaces fill quickly and a long waiting list, as happened last year, is expected again this year.

“These one-week sessions are life-changing for students who attend and experience Christendom’s immersive, joyful Catholic culture and time-tested education,” says Director of Admissions Sam Phillips. “Last year, with more than a 50% increase in the number of applications, we had to implement waiting lists for some sessions as early as February, and we ended up with around 150 applicants for which we could not find space. If interested, applying earlier is highly encouraged.”

During each one-week session, participants take classes from Christendom’s faculty, attend daily Mass and adoration, and participate in a variety of recreational activities, including canoeing and hiking in the Shenandoah Valley, performing in a talent show, playing dodgeball, participating in a parliamentary-style debate, and learning to contra and swing dance, all while forming friendships with other young Catholics along the way.

The normal all-inclusive cost is $500, but from now through December 25, students can attend the summer program for the reduced amount of $350 when using the promo code “Christmas21.“

“Christendom’s Best Week Ever changed my life— I mean that, honestly and truly,” says Liana W., who attended the Best Week Ever last summer. “Living in Boston, Massachusetts, I’d reached a tipping point about a week before coming. I was getting dragged into the secular culture at an astonishing rate, and my head was going under. Christendom saved me. The people there unknowingly pulled me up out of the muck and sent me off with even stronger convictions and a will to live faithfully, to dare to be great, than ever before. All the BWE activities, from classes, to games, to debates, made for a thoroughly wonderful time.”

For summer program session dates, testimonies, frequently asked questions, and to apply, click here.

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