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Alumnus Casey Chalk is garnering acclaim for his newest book, The Persecuted, which details the real-life stories of Christians who are suffering persecution in the Middle East and elsewhere. Drawing from his own experience as a journalist living overseas, Chalk presents these heartbreaking stories with skill and sensitivity, offering both a sobering look at life overseas and a warning to the West.

Chalk, who earned his Master’s in theology from Christendom, is a senior contributor for The Federalist and an editor and columnist for the New Oxford Review. In his book, Chalk takes readers from the slums of Karachi, where Islamic extremists harass and kill beleaguered Christians, to the bustling, exotic streets of Bangkok, where Christians hide in fear while awaiting adjudication of their refugee applications. Chalk tells the stories of Christians who were tortured and, in some instances, killed in Muslim nations — and then lays out a strategic plan for rescuing as many as possible from their plight.

Since release, Chalk’s book has been acclaimed by critics and readers, including by figures from the Religious Freedom Institute, the Faith and Reason Institute, and elsewhere.

“Casey Chalk has written a profoundly moving book about modern day martyrs, people we need to know about and pray for, people suffering and, in some cases, dying for their faith in Christ, today, not in some distant past,” writes Dr. Ryan Anderson, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and author of When Harry Became Sally. “The Persecuted should serve as a wake-up call to many.”

Christendom’s alumni have found great success in the publishing world, with many going on to write books, pen articles, and more. From proposing a better way for Catholics to do marriage preparation in America, to detailing the history of vocations in Early Modern France, Christendom alumni are using their writing and critical thinking skills to share important arguments with the wider world, influencing minds for the better as a result.

Visit here to purchase Chalk’s latest book.

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